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‘I’m Done With That’: 1501 CEO Carl Crawford Admits to Making ‘Mistakes’ and Being ‘Petty’ During Fall Out with Megan Thee Stallion

1501 Certified Entertainment’s founder, Carl Crawford, recently admitted that he was wrong for the way he publicly conducted himself after his business relationship with Megan Thee Stallion soured.

The two have been going back and forth for years over contract disputes and other matters.

“Unfortunately, me and Megan, we haven’t talked, you know, since 2019. So we been going through, I guess, what you guys see online,” the former Los Angeles Dodgers player told TMZ in a Feb. 27 interview.

“Like I said, that’s unfortunate too as well because I never wanted to, you know, have a situation where I was you know going back and forth on the internet.”

Megan Thee Stallion, Carl Crawford
Megan Thee Stallion and Carl Crawford. (Photo: @theestallion/Instagram, 1501certifiedent/Instagram)

The label CEO’s admission comes months after the Houston Hottie won a pretrial victory in her fight to sever ties with 1501.

As most of her fans will recall, her legal battle with the company dates back to 2020, when she enlisted Roc Nation as her management and subsequently sued Crawford’s indie company after efforts to renegotiate her contract fell through.

Matters were made worse when her complaint attempted to prove her 2021 release, “Something for Thee Hotties,” should fulfill her contractual agreements, hence making her free to sign with another label.

A later amendment to the suit cited that she was seeking $1 million in unpaid royalties and that she also included 2022’s sophomore album, “Traumazine,” as further proof she had delivered on their agreement.

Last December, a judge sided with the rapper on the matter, ruling that 1501’s countersuit to her filing was dismissed. As it stands, the legal drama is set to play out at trial.

Publicly, social media users have been spectators of Crawford and the “Savage” emcee’s not-so-subtle digs at each other, something that he also acknowledged as a misstep on his behalf.

“I never had any problems with Megan Thee Stallion, you know, it’s just the social media stuff it really just turned really, really sour… You take this social media part out of it we don’t have a problem,” he said.

The novice music executive continued, “So, to answer your question, yeah, this is a moment for me — I’m done with that. You won’t hear me mention Megan Thee Stallion name to the media unless I’m doing something like this or it’s just a big time interview I gotta say it, but you won’t see me like texting or making a post or doing any of that stuff, you know, that would cause social media to go crazy.”

During the discussion, which also included Kai “Verse” Tyler, whom Crawford put in place as 1501’s new president, the former professional athlete claimed that his relationship with Megan seemingly unraveled overnight.

He recalled, “I never had no problems with Meagan before any of this stuff happened. It’s just like literally one day you know what I’m saying, we was cool and literally the next day we wasn’t, like literally. So, I haven’t spoken to her since that day, 2019, when we all kicked it with Jay-Z.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Crawford admitted that his long past with competitive sports led him to engage in online barb trading when he should have chosen to remain silent publicly, or at the very least, not appear as though he was attacking his artist.

When asked if he regrets showing what appeared to be solidarity with Tory Lanez — who was found guilty of shooting Megan in connection to a July 2020 incident that left her with foot injuries — he responded, “Oh the thing with that is I don’t stand with nobody in that situation. That’s just like none of my business.

“You know, like I say, you get caught up in the internet stuff and, you know, just doing stuff just to, I don’t know if we can just use the word petty or whatnot, you know what I’m saying?” Crawford continued.

“Because that’s been a lot of petty stuff going on back, and I normally don’t do stuff like that … I think I just got caught up, wrapped up into the whole scheme of things that was going on. Like I say, we all make mistakes.”

Megan has yet to respond to Crawford’s belated apology, and it’s unclear whether or not she will accept it based on their severed history.

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