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‘Just Keep Will Out the Audience’: Chris Rock Takes a Jab at Will Smith In New Comedy Special Following Incident at the Oscars

It looks like comedian Chris Rock, 58, is finally prepared to fully address the scandalous slap Will Smith hit him with during the 94th annual Academy Awards. 

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Chris Rock. (Photo: @chrisrock/Instagram)

Netflix previously dropped a 30-second teaser trailer for the actor’s upcoming live comedy special, “Selective Outrage,” back in December, where his chosen topics were only speculations.

Now, it has been made confirmed that Rock will discuss the Oscars incident. 

Page Six cited unnamed sources who apparently have knowledge of what the special will show as saying, “If you were waiting to see Rock on tour address the infamous Will Smith slap situation … the comedian is waiting to spill his humorous take on it on his live Netflix stand-up special.” 

While the slap is not going to be Rock’s only material, the newspaper said its source urged viewers to tune in because “they will not be disappointed.” 

With the one-year anniversary of the Oscars moment at hand, Rock collaborated with experienced comedy writers to make sure that his jokes will land well with the audience. 

According to Page Six, Rock’s banter was described as “solid” and “funny.” 

In the most recent trailer, uploaded by Netflix and Rock, fans can hear the comedy emcee state that his session will have, “No pre-records, no edits,” and that this production will be Netflix’s first-ever live-stream stand-up show.

Once fans caught wind of the star’s partnership with Netflix, several individuals went to Twitter and expressed disinterest in hearing what Rock has to publicly say. 

“Just post the clip of him talking about Will on here. We not giving this man views.”

Black twitter only want to hear what he will say about Will Smith so they can drag his corny ass lol. He makes jokes about black ppl for white ppl to laugh at.”

“The title ‘Selective Outrage makes me think he’s gonna criticize Hollywood’s response to the slap.”

Sounds good…Just keep Will out of the audience.”

That man bout to capitalize off Will slapping Tf outta him.” 

Rock has glossed over being slapped by the “Bad Boys” actor in various bits onstage despite previously suggesting that he’d have to be given a fat check in order to discuss the incident.

The “Spiral” actor joined comedian veteran Dave Chapelle during his performance at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles in May, where he claimed he was “smacked by the softest n—a that ever rapped.” 

Since their incident, Smith has apologized for smacking his colleague multiple times, in which Rock fired back ‘f—k your hostage video.” 

“Selective Outrage” is set to premiere on March 4 — one week before the 2023 Academy Awards — only on Netflix.

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