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‘Girl 50 Not Playing About You’: Cuban Link Pranks Boyfriend 50 Cent About Hopeful Suitors Sliding In Her DMs, Rapper Responds In the Most Unexpected Way

50 Cent is not with the internet games, especially not when they involve his girlfriend, Cuban Link. Link recently pranked the “Wanksta” emcee, which left fans in tears over his reaction and in awe at their cute bond.

In a video post, the fitness guru was shown lying across her boyfriend’s abdomen when she decided to capture his reaction to a popular trend on TikTok. In it she said, “Baby, this boy be in my DMs saying I’m preeeeetty.” Thrown off by her drawn out pronunciation of pretty, he responded, “Be in your DMs saying what?”

Cuban Link
Cuban Link pranks 50 Cent. (Photo:@_cuban_link/Instagram.)

“He say I’m pretty,” she quipped as she looked up at him. “Go head, get knocked out. Get knocked out,” he said as his face remained off camera. Cuban Link, whose real name is Janira Haines, could not keep from laughing at the raw and possibly unexpected reaction. “Damn I gave it up lol I couldn’t stay serious,” she wrote in the video’s text overlay.

In the comments, people wrote that she should have known the television producer would take a more serious tone when it comes to other men presenting themselves as hopeful suitors.

“Chill sis! Don’t be getting Unc worked up.”

“I love that she bring out his soft side. Everybody think he’s so mean but there’s no way in hell. He’s probably the sweetest man to her.”

“Cuban get whatever she want I’m already knowing.”

“Girl 50 not playing about you.”

Others, however, could not help but point out that 50 Cent had on an enormous belt buckle. In 2021, the “Power” co-creator announced his move to Houston, Texas, so it comes as no surprise that has become acclimated with some of the local trends. Cuban also confirmed that the G-Unit label founder had on the festive belt buckle because they attended the rodeo.

“That belt buckle gonna knock you out.”

“Let me find out y’all was at the rodeo.”

“I can’t take 50 serious what that belt!”

Cuban Link and 50 Cent have been an item since 2019.

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