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‘The Old Kids Won’t Talk to Him, Make New Ones’: Report Claims Gary Owen Is Expecting Twins with New Girlfriend, Fans Bring Up His Children with Kendra Duke

Gary Owen reportedly is about to be a father again, despite going through a messy divorce with his estranged wife, Kenya Duke.

Since then, he’s also developed an estranged relationship with their children. Yet fans are in awe of how quickly he has managed to move on.

The outlet, Gossip of the City Tea, posted a picture that purportedly showed the comedian posing with a woman and little girl, and both Owen and the child were each holding a onesie in the picture while the woman held a small dog and a sign reading, “Owen twins take the field in July 2023.”

A sparkling ring can be found on the woman’s left hand, but it’s unclear if it was an engagement or wedding ring. The post was captioned, “Welp! Seems like Gary Owens (sic) is all smiles as he slides into his new family and prepares for his future twins otw!”

Gary Owen Twins
Gary Owen is having twins in July, this post purports to show. (Photo: @gossipofthecitytea/Instagram.)

The “Ride Along” actor infamously separated from his wife of nearly 18 years, Duke, back in 2021 and admitted to not speaking to their three adult children, Kennedy, Emilio, and Austin, for nearly two years.

The former couple had been together for 23 years prior to Duke filing for divorce and accusing Owen of having an affair.

Duke also accused Owen of being a deadbeat dad, and the entertainer admitted during an appearance on “The Breakfast Club” that his children were mad at him due to his contentious divorce.

“I haven’t talked to them in like a year and a half,” said Owen. “They’re mad because I left their mom.”

Many fans were shocked by the news that the standup comic is expecting twins and commented on Owen’s fractured relationship with his adult children. One fan replied, “In my kevin heart voice DAMN!!!”

Another fan noted a ring on the woman’s left hand and wrote, “Wait they’re engaged too??? Is the divorce even final yet?”

“If the old kids won’t talk to ’em, make new ones,” one chimed in. “Congrats, G.”

“Please don’t active Kenya,” joked another fan.

It’s unclear exactly when Owen and Duke finalized their divorce.

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