‘So That’s Why They Call Him TIP’: T.I.’s Latest Performance Has Fans Wanting to See More of His Urban Legend

T.I. has been on traveling and performing on the “Legends of the Streetz Tour” for months.

While hip-hop legends like Gucci Mane, Jeezy, and Trina performed their classic hits during a recent show in Birmingham, Alabama, it was T.I.’s set that got people talking. 

T.I. (Photo: @troubleman31/Instagram.)

A video of the Atlanta native rapping his popular song, “Whatever You Like” made rounds on the internet thanks to TikTok user @harleyrayscandal. While T.I.’s song is well-liked in the rap industry, his catchy lyrics weren’t the reason why the short clip of his performance became a topic of conversation.

In the clip, he begins rapping his lyrics, “you smell so fresh, you look so nice, let me put this big boy in your life.” While doing so he begins to rub on his genitals, making his outline rather visible as he then chose to thrust his hips upwards. 

The TikTok video was reposted on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page, where fans did not hesitate to express their thoughts about what they believe T.I. is working with. 

“This ain’t new we been knew T.I. has all of the pipe on the West side of Atlanta.”

“So this is why he calls himself TIP! Interesting.”

“Now Tip [laughing emojis] I am extremely uncomfortable.” 

During his performance, T.I. brought out his 21-year-old son, Domani Harris, who has also stepped into the rap game. 

The father-and-son duo dropped a music video for their joint song, “Family Connect,” which can be found on T.I’s 2020 album, “L.I.B.R.A.”

Although Domani is following in his father’s footsteps as a rapper, he is set on building his own name apart from who T.I. is. 

T.I. also gave his opinion on how it feels to witness his second son venture out as an artist without leaning on him for help.

While making an appearance on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” in 2016, T.I. said, “I let him know whether or not the opportunities to come in if they are valuable opportunities.” 

He continued, “but his mom is the manager for the most part and together we just kind of evaluate all of his opportunities accordingly.”

And just like his father, Domani is also currently on his “Not A Rapper” tour, with stops in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta.

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