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‘We Almost Fell Off a Cliff’: Kelis Says She Was Involved In a Car Accident with Her Kids During the California Snowstorm

‘Not You Almost Falling Off a Cliff In Style’: Kelis Says She Turned a Scary Experience with Her kids Into a Fashionable ‘OOTD’ Moment, Fans React 

Kelis and her children are safe after an accident during the California snowstorm over the weekend. 

The 43-year-old mother of three revealed that she and her kids experienced a near-death experience in an Instagram video shared on Sunday, Feb. 26. She said they were left stranded after her vehicle “almost fell off a cliff” in Big Bear.

Kelis. (Photo: @kelis/Instagram.)

The video shows a snow-filled road and a tow truck pulling her SUV to safety amid the blizzard. “My truck got stuck,” Kelis explained. “It’s like hanging off the cliff.” 

The “Milkshake” singer tried to find the silver lining in the scary incident, noting that everyone had on snowboarding gear. The fashion icon said you should always “look your best” during a blizzard. 

“God is good and I figured if you’re going to be in this situation, at least look your best,” she laughed before showing off her layers of clothing. 

She can be seen wearing a hat, scarf, a long sweater, coat, thick pants, silver boots, and a stylish gator purse, paired with a small flashlight worn on her head. 

“You know things could be worse. This is ridiculous,” said the two-time Grammy nominee before the video pans to show her “rescue fashion” attire.

In the video’s caption, Kelis stated that her initial “plan was to take the kids to the snow, but we almost fell off a cliff!” She then urged fans to always stay one step ahead of the game.

“So make the best of what ya got, n always be prepared lol,” she added.

Fans in her comment section expressed their gratitude for her family being safe and warm during the high winds, including her youngsters. But many were also impressed with how she turned the trying incident into a fashionable moment in the snow. 

“The way you turned this super inconvenient situation turned into a OOTD moment. Love! #ThingsCouldBeWorse!!”

‘Well I’m glad you all are ok WTF.”

“Kelis not you almost dying and then giving us a fashion show, Chile [heart emoji] God is good! Chill out on the adventures for a minute sis [laughing emoji].”

“Omg…Not you almost falling off a cliff in style (laughing emojis] its not even funny but I’m glad your smiling and making light of a scary situation. I hope the kids aren’t too shaken up. I would have been a nervous wreck.”

Kelis shared a 13-year-old son, Knight, with rapper and ex-husband Nas. Her 7-year-old son, Shepherd, and 2-year-old daughter, Galilee, were had with her late husband, Mike Morra, who passed away in March 2022. 

Morra was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer shortly after Galilee’s birth in September 2020, as reported by People. He was 37. 

Kelis took a break from social media for nearly a month after his passing. Since then, she’s used her platforms to document her gardening, farming, cooking, and other outdoor activities.

Occasionally, she gives fans nostalgic vibes by sharing videos from her Grammy-nominated music career or footage of herself on the farm. 

The “Wonderland” artist admitted she was “heartbroken” over the devastating loss of her husband. But she has since maintained a positive outlook on life despite losing the love of hers. 

Kelis co-hosted the six-episode cooking competition series on Netflix titled “Cooked With Cannabis,” which premiered in April 2020. The show was never renewed or canceled, but Twitter fans are confident it will return one day soon. 

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