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‘That For Me is a Safe Space’: Kelis Opens Up About the Importance of Having Black Women on Her Team

A clip from Kelis‘ conversation at Refinery29’s Unbothered Presents The Glow Up event has Black women wanting to create safer spaces. On Monday, June 27, the “Milkshake” singer/songwriter shared a video from her discussion at the Atlanta Festival she headlined over Juneteenth weekend.

The mother of three talked to the audience about creating safe spaces for Black women. The term “all-black everything” clearly applies to her entire life, as she revealed she had a Black female gynecologist and a Black female business manager. She added that another one of her managers is also a Black woman.

That For Me is a Safe Space': Kelis Opens Up About the Importance of Having Black Women on Her Team
Kelis poses backstage at Refinery29’s “Unbothered Live” event. (Photo: @kelis/Instagram.)

“Like for me, that for me is a safe space,” the 42-year-old explained. “I need to know that when I call you about my business, about my child, about whatever it is…that I’m talking to someone who speaks my language for real.” She said, “Because they know if I win, we all win. It can’t be the other way around. It wasn’t designed to be that way.”

Kelis added, “I want people who look like me, who talk like me…that’s what I want. That’s what makes me feel good.”

Many in the comments section of Kelis’ post applauded the vocalist for her advice and inspirational words pushing black excellence.

“This!!! Reflection is everything and vital for success.”

“So where is the option to like/love this more than once?”

Period !!!!! I don’t feel safe or HEARD otherwise!”

“And this is why we f—ing love you. The support and love is real.”

“Kelis is bomb.”

A few commentators wrote the hashtags #blackdoctorsmatter” and thanked the “Millionaire” artist for encouraging others to support their own communities. One person said, “Yessss! I have a black dentist Black PCP, black OBGYN. All-black medical team.”

Another individual said, “They try and push the idea that MOST of us don’t want this but dear, the crabs in the bucket! Everyone wants out & we do need us!”

Earlier this week, Kelis received the Innovators Award at Hollywood Unlocked’s second- annual Impact Awards. The “Feed Them” singer is a trained Le Corden Bleu chef and has a catering business. In 2013, she released a line of natural spices, sauces and seasonings, which she followed with her 2015 cookbook, “My Life on a Plate: Recipes From Around the World.” In 2020, she was asked to co-host Netflix’s “Cooked With Cannabis” competition series.

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