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‘This Better Be a Real Confirmation’: Marlon Wayans’ ‘White Chicks’ Joke Has Fans Hoping a Sequel Is In the Works

Marlon Wayans has reignited demands for a follow-up to “White Chicks.”

Marlon and his older brother Shawn Wayans played detectives Marcus and Kevin Copeland, who go undercover as white twin sisters Tiffany and Brittany Wilson, respectively, in the film.

The comedy feature has essentially become a cult classic that fans cannot seem to get enough of, seeing as though people have repeatedly pleaded for the comical brothers to don white faces and blond wigs for comedy’s sake for nearly two decades.

Marlon Wayans, White Chicks
Marlon Wayans leaves fans questioning if a “White Chicks” sequel is in the works. (Photo: @marlonwayans/Instagram.)

Last year, Marlon told GQ that the making of “White Chicks” nearly killed him and Shawn, and for that reason alone, there is no way they would ever entertain undergoing the arduous transformation to become the fan-favorite characters again.

“Makeup movies — until they learn how to digitally do it, special effect-wise, ooh that’s a lot of work,” he told the publication.

“Everybody says, ‘do a ‘White Chicks 2.’ I’m like, ‘go f—k yourself! You do a ‘White Chicks 2.’ I’m doing Black man movies. That movie, as hard as it was, it was funny,” he added.

However, earlier this month, “The Wayans Bros.” co-star shared an image of his character, Tiffany Wilson,  superimposed over singer Sam Smith’s head-turning red carpet look from the 2023 BRIT Awards.

In the caption, he wrote, “Wearing this to paris fashion week in white chicks 2…..”

The inflatable latex outfit is the brainchild of London designer Hari Krishnan. He said the broad silhouette of the look was inspired by criticism the “Unholy” singer has faced about his figure.

“This is my take on celebrating [their] natural form and the beauty of being one’s self. I wanted to create an image which people have never seen Sam in,” Krishnan told Women’s Wear Daily.

However, Marlon’s online following couldn’t care less about the wardrobe choice and instead want to know if he has had a change of heart when it comes to doing a sequel of the 2004 flick.

In the comments, they wrote:

“Come on bruh stop playing…everyone wants to watch White Chick’s 2 !”

“This better be a real confirmation! I know u guys don’t like doing sequels but we’re here for it.”

“Stop playing cuz u know u ain’t doing that movie again.”

“Yes!!!!! White chicks 2 I’m here for it!!!!”

Marlon has yet to confirm if he was just finding humor in the viral fashion choice at the expense of hopeful fans, though it is likely that is exactly what happened.

Still, fans looking to see him return to the big screen can catch the multi-hyphenate talent flexing his acting chops as he portrays George Raveling, a former Villanova University basketball star, in the upcoming film “Air.”

It details how Nike teamed up with NBA rookie Michael Jordan for a deal that changed the trajectory of the company and the sports icon’s career on and off the court. The role as the 1984 Olympics assistant basketball coach will mark Marlon’s third dramatic role in the last two years.

In 2021, he received acclaim for his role as Aretha Franklin’s first husband, Ted White in “Respect,” and in 2022, he had a guest spot on “Bel-Air,” where he portrayed Lou, father to the fictional Will Smith.

Last year, he told Essence that he is ready to step into the leading man realm of roles. “You get to this place where you get in your bag.”

“I’m in my bag as a producer, bag as an actor, bag in my comedy game,” he said. “These are my years. I’ve been working so hard for 30 years, and now it’s all clicking. I love the fact that I get to show up as the star that I’m prepared to be.”

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