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‘Choyce Your Whole Twin’: Tabitha Brown’s Throwback Bikini Photo Has Fans Stunned at Her Resemblance to Her Daughter

Beloved social media personality Tabitha Brown uploaded a throwback photo of herself that made fans do a double take after initially believing it was a photo of her daughter, Choyce Brown

The 44-year-old socialite uploaded a photo of her in the 1990s wearing a brown bikini with one leg propped up showing off her Timberland boots and a natural short afro. 

“Did y’all watch or listen to Fridays with Tab and Chance ‘90s edition this week?” Brown wrote in the beginning of her caption. 

“Fridays with Tab and Chance” is a YouTube series with Brown and her husband of nearly 20 years, Chance. In their latest episode, the couple reminisced on their fashion sense during the ’90s.

Brown continued, “Well, this was the brown bikini and timbs I was talking about when I said I use to think I was @mslaurynhill baaabbbyyy you couldn’t tell me nothing!!! What a time we use to have.”

“Shout out to my bff Toye for finding this pic and sending it to me! Love you girl,” Brown concluded with, adding a bunch of different hashtags. 

While many fans acknowledged how beautiful Brown was back in the day, there were many commenters surprised that this was not a photo of her 21-year-old daughter. 

Tabitha Brown (left), Choyce Brown (right). (Photos: @iamtabithabrown/Instagram, @choycebrown/Instagram)

“Look at Choyce back in 1990 somethin! Lol”

“Lol! That’s Choyce before Choyce was even thought of”

“Omg… if it ain’t @choycebrown in a former life”

“Choyce your whole twin”

Brown had Choyce on August 2, 2001, and the mother-daughter-duo rose to fame after Choyce convinced her mother to join TikTok, where Brown posted videos about her vegan lifestyle. 

The two also embarked on a YouTube series together, “Very Good Mondays.” Their show featured a few appearances from family members and friends. 

There were also a few fans who noticed the North Carolina native’s questionable combination of a bathing suit with boots. 

“A bikini and timbs? Auntie Tab built different”

“A bikini and Timbs combo is crazy but you look good Tab!”

“Timbs with the swimwear? Gangsta NC Tab” 

While everyone fell in love with Brown’s positive personality, and refreshing TikTok videos, she’s made it known she is not one to play with. 

In 2021, the fruitarian received praise for her classy clapback at former daytime TV host Wendy Williams. 

During one of Williams’ shady segments, she criticized Brown’s marriage, predicting that it was soon “going to be on real rocky ground” following Chance’s decision to retire from the Los Angeles Police Department in 2021.

After Brown caught wind of the 58-year-old’s comments, she decided to respond via Instagram and educate Williams on her and her husband’s relationship agreement. 

According to Brown, Chance agreed to take the job 15 years earlier so she could try to achieve her acting dreams. In exchange, Chance would be able to retire early. 

Once her explanation was finished, Brown sent over some prayers that Williams “finds your, true love. I pray it finds you and holds you tight. I pray that someone will love you enough to see you when you are not well, see you when you need true support.”

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