‘I’m Not Going to Change’: Tabitha Brown Addresses Her Food Network Series ‘CompliPlated’ Being Moved to a Different Time Slot

Food Network may have switched the showtimes for Tabitha Brown’s new series “It’s CompliPlated,” but the vegan social media star made it clear recently that nothing is changing about her. It all went down last weekend when the actress took to her social media platform where she addressed fans looking for the new plant-based cooking competition series at its usual primetime spot.  

While executives for the cable network haven’t publicly addressed the mystery, their star Tabitha claims it is due to her refusal to change who she is as an individual.

Tabitha Brown Photo:@iamtabithabrown/Instagram

“Real quick, I know I’ve said this so many times before, but for whatever reason, people just don’t seem to believe me, okay?” she began her video message. “There is not a company; there is not a network; there is not a person, place, or thing that is going to change who I am.”

“If you don’t like Tab as this Tab,” she continued while pointing to herself. “If you don’t like the Tab who gives God glory. If you don’t like the vegan Tab. If you don’t like the cooking Tab, the mama Tab; if you don’t like my personality; If you don’t like everything that makes Tab, Tab, don’t work with me ’cause I’m not going to change. I’m not going to shift a little bit for your audience. I’m not going to talk a little bit different for your comfort. I’m not going to change.”

The actress and mother of two stood firm in her beliefs, stating, “This person I am. This is who God created me to be, and if it ain’t enough for you, then you not for me, and if I bring it to your attention that, ‘Wait, I don’t like how this feels, I feel like you’re trying to change me or erase my personality or my culture’ and you get upset by that instead of hearing me from my heart, I also don’t want to be in business with you.”

She added, “Does that make sense?” It ain’t personal for you, but it’s personal for me, and it’s business. Okay?”

Brown concluded her message by revealing that “It’s CompliPlated” had been moved from Thursdays at 9 p.m. to Tuesdays at 1 p.m. on the Food Network, before encouraging her supporters to stream it on Discovery Plus. “I’m still not going to change, and I’m gonna always speak my mind and my truth,” she added.

When critics attempted to call Brown’s reaction a sign of arrogance, the star quickly addressed one Twitter user stating, “Honey please don’t confuse freedom with arrogance.  I use to be a code switcher and it did nothing for anyone.” She added, “We should be accepted in any room because we are enough! I will never pave a road for others that requires them to give up their freedom! No ma’am.”

The change occurred two months after the reality competition show was initially announced. At the time, Food Network chief Jane Latman praised Brown, describing the motivational speaker as the “perfect host” because of her “energy, sense of humor and real-life journey to becoming vegan.”

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