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‘I Was Mad’: Jackée Harry Says She Forced Producers to Go on Commercial Break During ‘The Jeffersons’ Live TV Special After Jennifer Hudson Sang Theme Song

For 2023, Jackée Harry is set to keep her “ego in check.” In order to fulfill this goal, the Emmy Award winner decided to be honest and share feelings of how she felt intimidated after watching Jennifer Hudson perform live three years ago. 

The “227” actress made an appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” on Feb. 16. where she and the EGOT winner recalled their first time meeting in 2020 during “Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear’s ‘All in the Family’ and ‘The Jeffersons.’” 

Jackée Harry and Jennifer Hudson (Pictured: Screenshot from ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ on YouTube)

While recounting the television special, Harry revealed to Hudson that she was mad at her for beautifully singing “The Jeffersons” theme song, “Movin’ On Up” right before Harry was set to join the stage. 

“I was hating on you,” Harry said, “my scene was right after yours and I was back there brooding, you know. Kerry Washington came up; she said ‘What’s the matter, Jackée?’ I said, ‘Well she gonna sing, and I gotta come out right after her and it ain’t no break and everything, I don’t know.’” 

The 66-year-old confessed that she compared herself to Jay-Z and Hudson to late rapper DMX from their rap battle in the ‘90s. Though both men walked away with a ‘W,’ the Yonkers native rapper was said to have epically destroyed his freestyle.

“I was like, ‘Oh no I can’t come after her’ and I was mad,” Harry continued to explain. 

For Harry, the director convinced those behind the scenes to cut to a commercial break after Hudson’s rendition of “Movin’ On Up.”

“We had to stop for what? Six minutes,” Harry said before giving Hudson her props. “She shut it down.”

While the “Dreamgirls” star said she didn’t remember any of this happening, Harry confidently expressed, “I remember!” 

Harry’s candid confession was a way for her to give Hudson her well-deserved flowers for all she’s accomplished in the industry. 

“Now, I try to keep my ego in check, it’s not always – I’m not, I’m not perfect,” Harry explained, “but you know that’s why I have to give you your flowers now.” 

After receiving Harry’s compliment, Hudson returned the favor and noted that the “Sister, Sister” alum was the one who paved a way for her to have opportunities in Hollywood.

“You have truly inspired all of us,” Hudson said. 

Many fans appreciated Harry and Hudson’s open conversation and applauded Harry for checking herself about her past behavior. 

“Love the raw honesty by Jackée”

“I love her honesty about being an ex-Hollywood mean girl…”

“Jackée had always spoken the truth about her life & times in Hollywood. Still a class act.” 

Harry’s talent as an actress won her an Emmy back in 1987; she was the first Black woman to receive this accolade.

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