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‘I Can’t Talk About It’: Nia Long Says Public Cheating Scandal with Ex-Fiance Ime Udoka Nearly Broke Her But the Support from the Fans ‘Saved My Life’

Nia Long is still wrapping her head around her ex-fiancé Ime Udoka’s cheating scandal that has thrust their private lives across scores of headlines since September. 

The Celtics coach was suspended for the 2022-2023 season after the organization held a press conference to reveal that he had violated team policies. Soon afterward, it was revealed that he and a female staffer had an intimate relationship.

Udoka and Long reportedly were together for a total of 13 years, and engaged for six. They share one child, 11-year-old son Kez. In a new feature for The Cut, Long, 51, said, “I’m still going, ‘Wait, did this really happen?’ Because, you know, you’re with someone for 12, 13 years, you think you know them.”

She continued by reiterating past comments about the basketball organization’s decision to reveal details of the scandal to the public. “The Celtics made a choice to make my family business public, and I don’t understand why. It could’ve all been handled internally.”

“I do understand why, but I can’t talk about it. Maybe one day I will. You know, fear drives stupidity, and I’ll leave that right there. I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I ever thought I was,” the “Missing” star added. Some of that strength came from the outpouring of support from fans, family and friends. “That saved my life. It saved my mental well-being because I felt uplifted by the community in a way that felt like my family was checking in and making sure I was okay,” she noted.

Long has been the celebrity crush of men for decades, and even today she continues to top the list of dream girls of her male counterparts. Since her and Udoka’s split was publicized in December, fans have attempted to romantically link her to singer Omarion and actor Terrance J. However, “The Best Man: The Final Chapters” standout shut down speculation that she was involved with the “Sexplaylist” crooner; although, while speaking with TMZ, Omarion said he would be open to becoming more acquainted with her. Terrance J also has shut down talk of him and his “sister” being more than just friends after they were spotted out in Dubai last month.

While she recently revealed that she has her eye on a mystery man, Long said said her priority continues to be helping her son, Kez, navigate this change in their lives. “He’s having a really tough time,” she said. “I’m sure I have some things that I’m suppressing, but I have to do that to take care of him first. That’s the giving. It’s natural. I’m sure I’ll have to circle back with myself several times to reconcile things. But the one thing I’m trying not to harbor is anger.”

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