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‘Lawd, You Gon’ Give Po Steve A Heart Attack’: Marjorie Harvey Jumps from Plane In New Video, Fans Focus Their Concern on Steve Harvey

Marjorie Harvey shared a video on Instagram of her recent jump from an airplane in Dubai, and fans focused on what her husband, comedian Steve Harvey, would think of her escapade.

Harvey shared the video on Instagram on Feb. 7, which featured her wearing an all-black ensemble as she and a skydiving instructor jumped out of the airplane. Harvey is seen grinning throughout the video and appeared to be loving her “flying” experience.

Harvey captioned the Instagram post, “What an amazing experience.”

Marjorie Harvey jumps out of a plane. @marjorie_harvey/Instagram

“Hi. I’m flying,” Harvey said during the video. After she made it safely back to the ground, Harvey noted how much she enjoyed the experience.

“This was the most awesome experience ever,” she gushed. “It’s like I was just floating through the air. Floating, floating.”

Several fans loved seeing Harvey living life and responded in the comment section.

“Baby, if living your best life was a person…I Love this,” wrote one fan.

“I just love Ms. Marjorie,” added another.

One fan replied, “Looks amazing!!! Adding this to my list!!!”

Steve Harvey’s son Wynton Harvey commented on the post and wrote, “I know you snuck off and did this!”

One fan replied to the comment with, “lol, I was wondering what did Mr. Harvey say.”

“Right bc Steve don’t play about her,” added another fan. “I already know Mr Steve Harvey wasn’t going to join you on that one lol,” joked another.

A few expressed concern about her 66-year-old husband and how he held up partaking in her adventurous activities. One fan exclaimed, “Lawd, you gon’ give po Steve a heart attack!”

“I was literally about to comment that I know Steve did not like seeing you do this,” echoed another fan.

“Can’t see him going along with this,” noted a third. “Poor Steve I bet he was a nervous wreck,” another commenter added.

Another fan summed up what they imagined Marjorie’s husband would say about jumping out of an airplane. “In my Steve Harvey voice. ‘Hell naw I’m not jumping out no airplane I’ll be right chere on the ground wit da Otha folks waiting fa u.'”

Harvey also shared a video of her dancing with her husband on his 66th birthday in January with the caption “I’ll always save the last dance for you Birthday Boy.”

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