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‘I’m Too Good to be Solo’: Patti Labelle is Open to Dating at 78, Says She Has ‘A Nice Person in Mind’

Legendary singer Patti LaBelle is ready for love and has her eye set on someone in particular. 

The “If You Only Knew” sat down with Jennifer Hudson on the newest episode of “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” and discussed wanting to find her Mr. Right. 

Patti LaBelle and Jennifer Hudson (Photo: ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’/YouTube screenshot)

When Hudson brought up Valentine’s Day, she asked if LaBelle was open to dating in which LaBelle replied, “Well, sorta kind of.”

The 78-year-old reflected on her 32-year relationship with ex-husband, Armstead Edwards, and explained how she’s ready to branch off into the dating world and see what else is out there.

“I was married for 32 years to a wonderful man, and we’re still friends,” she shared, “I think in life I need to find happiness for myself other than what I had back in the day with him, which was wonderful.” 

LaBelle then confidently stated, “I’m too good to be solo.”

After a burst of applause from the audience died down, Hudson asked LaBelle about her luck on dating apps.

“What’s that? What are dating apps?” She asked.

After receiving an explanation from Hudson, LaBelle noted that she’s never attempted to use dating apps, nor needs to because she already has a certain suitor in mind. 

“I know what it is now, but no. I do have a nice person in mind. OK, I really do,” the singer-turned-author shared.

Gasps quickly came from the audience as Hudson scooted her head closer to LaBelle, eager to hear more.

However, everyone was left high and dry because the Godmother of Soul stated that whoever she has on her roster of love is strictly “my personal business.” 

This caused an endless amount of cheers from the audience right as Hudson ordered, “moving on!” 

LaBelle’s openness to dating comes nearly two years after the icon told People Magazine that she was perfectly fine on her own

The publication sat down with LaBelle for their July 2021 issue and talked about the possibility of her dating again, an act LaBelle stated she’s “not interested” in. 

“I live alone with my dog, Mr. Cuddles, and I’m looking for love from everybody. I am,” she said.

LaBelle and her former husband wed back in 1969 and stayed together until their divorce was finalized in 2003. In a 2015 episode of “Oprah’s Master Class” on OWN Network, she revealed what influenced their separation and ultimately their divorce. 

“We were together for 32 years, and we realized that we couldn’t live together anymore. We liked each other from a distance,” LaBelle said. 

The “Patti LaBelle Pies” creator continued to suggest, “when you feel that, somebody gotta go. And when you leave, leave as friends.” 

Together LaBelle and Edwards share one son, 49-year-old Zuri Kye Edwards.

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