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‘I Still Have Time’: Patti LaBelle Says She Wants to Get Remarried

Patti LaBelle seems to have it all, with a legendary singing career, a thriving food business, plus fame and fortune. There’s one thing, however, that she doesn’t have but wants, and that’s a husband.

LaBelle recently spoke with the New York Post at the Zang Toi show at New York Fashion Week and said at age 75 it’s still very possible that she’ll get married one day.

“I still have time to find a husband,” she stated. “I don’t want a boyfriend. I want a husband.”

The “New Attitude” singer was married to Armstead Edwards for over three decades, who was also her manager. The former couple have an adult aged son together named Zuri Kye Edwards.

Later in the interview, LaBelle said that she still has plenty of suitors that she constantly turns down, and they approach her because they admire her lifestyle.

“I have a wonderful life,” she explained. “My life is so good that a lot of men admire me and they try to look at me like that and I say, ‘Bye, Felicia, Bye.’”

But if that day does arrive and the Philadelphia raised-singer eventually jumps the broom, she knows exactly what she and the groom will be wearing that day.

“When it happens, it will be a Zang [Toi] dress and he’ll wear a Zang [Toi] tux, whoever he is,” she explained.

Reportedly, Toi has been dressing LaBelle for over 15 years.

Plus, with all that she has going on these days, the sweet potato pie queen said things keep getting better for her, and she’s at an incredible place in her life.

“Never stop trying,” she said. “I’m 75 and it seems like the older I get, the better things that happen to me and the younger I feel.”

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