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‘I Wasn’t Really Trying to Fight Her’: LisaRaye Denies Nearly Coming to Blows with ‘Single Ladies’ Co-Star Stacey Dash, Who Brought Security on Set

LisaRaye McCoy has set the record straight about her alleged involvement in Stacey Dash’s departure from “Single Ladies.” The two actresses co-starred on the popular series during the 2011 premiere season, but Dash did not return for the following three seasons.

On Feb. 8, while co-hosting “The Breakfast Club,” McCoy addressed head-on the rumor that she had Dash fired. “I don’t have that much power. That was the network’s decision,” she said. The actress noted that she also did not speak with show or network executives about her co-star’s future on the series.

LisaRaye McCoy, Stacey Dash
LisaRaye McCoy (left) and Stacey Dash (right). (Photos: @therealraye1/Instagram, @official.stacydash/Instagram)

Speculation that the “Players Club” star had a hand in Dash’s exit began percolating when she revealed that they had an intense moment on set while filming. In 2020, McCoy rehashed the incident with her good friend, actress Vivica A. Fox, on the “Hustling with Vivica A. Fox” podcast.

The former first lady of Turks and Caicos said that when filming first began in 2011, she and Dash were cool. However, after a particularly long day of shooting, tensions hit a high when the “Clueless” actress refused to accept guidance regarding a line from the show’s director.

“It’s like 2 in the morning, and we’re still at it. And she gets an attitude, and she doesn’t say her line to me,” McCoy recalled. “So, by the fourth or fifth take, I’m thinking, ‘This is just a one-liner, like, girl, what’s the problem?’ And that’s what I say.”

The “Cocktails with Queens” co-host said that Dash put her finger in her face and told her that she did not need to take direction from her. “You could hear a pin drop on set. I went South Side Chicago on her,” said McCoy. She reiterated the same story during her appearance on “Uncensored.”

In the episode, she added that after the finger was pointed, she told Dash, “If you don’t get your m—therf—king finger out my face…” her co-star stormed off to her dressing room. “I was going to be right behind her because I couldn’t take my shoes off fast enough,” added McCoy.

While on “The Breakfast Club,” she explained that her intention in that moment was not to fight her cast mate. “I wasn’t really trying to fight her I just wanted her to finish saying what she was trying to say ‘cause I wanted to really understand where that came from. … If it would have went any further, that [a fight] perhaps would have happened. I will not deny that,” she told Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy.

In the end, she added Dash returned to the set the following day with security in tow. She recalled, “I didn’t know what they were there for. I felt the tension in the room, and I was like, ‘Why is there security?’ They was like, ‘For yo a—!’”

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