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‘Ima Need Daddy to Stick to Basketball’: Fans Jokingly Criticize Dwyane Wade’s Hairstyling Skills After Kaavia James Returns from School with Unkept Hair

Kaavia James Union-Wade had an unusual hair day at school, all thanks to her father, retired Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade

The shady baby’s disgust with Wade’s chosen hairstyle was shown all across her face as her mother, Gabrielle Union, asked her about the hairtrocity. 

Kaavia James Wade. (Photo: @kaaviajames/Instagram)

Union was heard from behind the camera asking Kaav, “Auntie, baby, who did your hair today?” as her 4-year-old’s wild mane never shifted from its broccoli-like position.

“Daddy!” the toddler responded.

If viewers continue to listen closely, they are able to hear a certain manly voice defensively say, “it didn’t look like that this morning!”

Union then asked Kaav if she changed her hairstyle once she got to school, which Kaav denied. 

“I didn’t think so,” the actress said as she panned the camera in a 360 motion for viewers to see her child’s entire hairstyle. 

“Daddy, chill” was written on top of the video, which quickly ended after Kaav was finished putting her hair on display. 

“When daddy does your hair. I know my teacher bout to send an email talkin bout ‘is everything okay at home?’ @dwyanewade this is not your ministry. @flawlessbygu escort him from the premises. #shadybaby,” Kaav’s ghostwriter wrote as her Instagram caption. 

Wade decided to comment under his daughter’s post, defending his hard work by writing, “I’m lawyering up.”  

The comical video received over 740,000 plays and over 300 comments from fans who suggested the former basketball star stay in the lane he’s good at.

“Ima need daddy to stay in his lane… hair is not it”

“DWade, please stick to basketball”

“No more hair assignments for daddy lol”

Wade’s failed attempt at styling his daughter’s hair comes a few weeks after Kaavia’s aced attempt of dressing her father. 

In a previous TikTok from late January, Wade and Kaav had a little fun in his closet after he granted her permission to dress him for the day

His TikTok documented the entire process, and while it started a little shaky the finishing product was loved by many, including Wade. Many fans even urged that he make Kaav his own personal stylist based on her eye for fashion. 

Fans’ love for the father-daughter-duo has remained constant over the years. One of the main reasons is because fans believe he is the only person she has never thrown any type of shade towards. 

“The Shady Baby” attained that name for her notorious side-eyes and blank stares over the course of her life, and most of the stares were directed at her mother. However, fans seemed to have pointed out that she rarely acts that way with her father, which further prompted them to believe that she’s a daddy’s girl

In addition to Kaavia, Wade also has three more children which include Zaire, Zaya, and Xavier Zechariah Wade.

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