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‘Put Her on Payroll’: Fans React After Kaavia James Dresses Her Dad for the Day

It looks like Kaavia James Union Wade found her career calling, and it isn’t as an actress like her mother or an athlete like her father. The Shady Baby showed fans how fashionable she is after dressing up Dwyane Wade in his recent TikTok. 

“So she’s picking me out an outfit to wear to go downstairs to show,” Wade shared with his 13.8 million TikTok fans as his camera focused on Kaavia rattling in his closet. 

The former basketball player noted that his 4-year-old daughter “has been his stylist” lately. 

Dwyane Wade and Kaavia James (Photo:@kaaviajames/Instagram.)

Satisfied with her outfit choice, Kaavia walked to her dad’s closet and grabbed a pink, yellow and blue tie-dyed shirt that said, “Just Smile” across the chest area. In her other hand, she held up a pair of blue and yellow leopard-fitted shorts. 

“That’s it right there?” Wade asked his daughter before she quickly spat out, “Yeah.”

To his surprise, the 41-year-old actually took a liking to the colorful look after he added a yellow wool hat to the mix. He recorded himself in the mirror saying, “This ain’t bad; you know what I’m saying. Swag.”

Kaavia’s interest in her father’s fashion sense faded instantly, causing her to say, “Okay, now let’s go to my room,” as the video goes off. 

Wade’s TikTok reached over 1.7 million fans and received over 700 comments from viewers who were surprisingly pleased with the outcome. 

To no surprise, the daddy/daughter TikTok made waves on various social media platforms, including Instagram, where fans couldn’t get enough of Wade’s bright-colored ensemble. 

One comment even compared Kavvia’s eye for fashion to NBA player Russell Westbrook and NFL star Cam Newton, who typically go viral for their unique outfits on game days. 

“I was a lil skeptical until you put it on.”

“Okay, put her on payroll.”

“She knows her dad well.”

“She tired of Russell Westbrook and Cam Newton stealing the spotlight with their fashion choices.”

Who knows, maybe Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have a future stylist on their hands. 

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