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‘She’s a True Daddy’s Girl’: Fans Are In Awe After Kaavia James Does This for Her Father Dwyane Wade 

“Shady baby’s love for daddy is on another level” is one of the comments an Instagram user wrote after viewing a recent clip of Kaavia James Union Wade giving her father, Dwayne Wade, an afternoon snack. 

In the upload shared on the parent-run account, Kaavia James, who appeared to be at home, was seen bringing Dwyane a miniature ice cream cone as he relaxed in the backyard. While handing him the treat, the 3-year-old said, “I have ice cream.”

?She?s a True Daddy?s Girl?: Fans Are In Awe After Kaavia James Does This for Her Father Dwyane Wade?
Kaavia James Union Wade captures fans’ hearts after giving her father, Dwyane Wade, an ice cream cone. Photo:@kaaviajames/Instagram

The recording continued with the former basketball player thanking his daughter. Further in the video, Kaavia James explained why she gave her father that particular cone. “I have this one because you have that one,” she said.

Dwyane responded to the toddler’s comments by telling her how good the ice cream would be. He said, “These are going to be so good.” The video ended with Kaavia James describing the type of cone she got. While eating the ice cream, she said, “I got a chocolate one too.” 

In addition to the post, the caption read, “When you find out your Dad is redoing his will. Happy Friday!! Cheers to the weekend and remember to secure the bag!!” As fans viewed the upload, many pointed out that the tot was the ultimate “daddy’s girl.” 

“She’s a true daddy’s girl.”

“He’s is wrapped around her finger and toes. She’s a daddy’s girl to the core.”

“I’ve yet to see a video or a picture of Kaav throwing shade at her daddy. Maybe it’s safe to say not only are they twins but they are also besties?”

“Shady baby’s love for daddy is on another level.”

“She loves her dad so much!”

Among the previous remarks, other individuals mentioned how they found the caption referring to Kaavia James’ niceness stemming from Dwyane updating his will to be funny. One wrote, “The captions on this account kill me.”

Another said, “It’s the caption for me let me make sure my daddy having a good day.” A third individual posted, “The caption tho… his will lmao”

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