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‘I Was Nick Cannon Before Nick Cannon’: Chad Johnson Discusses Why He’s Never Been ‘Lumped Into That Category’ of Having Multiple Kids with Multiple Women

Proud dad Chad “Ochocino” Johnson has eight children with seven different women, but he considers himself an “active” father. As reckless as that may sound, the former NFL player often speaks highly of his children and their mothers including his newest edition, a daughter named Serenity ‘Hurricane’ Paula Johnson.

Johnson is currently engaged to his youngest daughter’s mother, “Selling Tampa” star Sharelle Rosado. During an appearance on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast with Shannon Sharpe, he was asked if he was finished having children or trying to catch up with Nick Cannon.

“No,” he said confirming he was not done having kids. “I think what people fail to realize is I was Nick Cannon before Nick Cannon. I was Future before Future. Sometimes, I don’t get upset, but I’m like why they don’t ever lump me in.”

The 45-year-old believes the reason is because he has an “active” presence with all eight of his children.

“I’m so active with mine. You see me with mine all the time. All of ’em,” he shared. “When we go somewhere we all go as one lil’ army so I’m never lumped into that category.”

Chad Johnson shares a rare photo of himself with seven of his children. (Photo: @ochocinco/Instagram.)

Like many, Johnson believes there’s a “method to the madness” of Cannon having so many children, although he has never expressed so.

“But he’s doing it for a reason,” he insisted. “My reason was during those times when I was younger, I wanted athletic children. So, therefore, I dated those who had an athletic background.”

The former athlete said he’s less concerned with a woman’s looks or aesthetic and more with her athleticism. Sharpe began laughing when Johnson began sharing exactly what he considers when having a child.

“I’m not raising models. I don’t care how fine you are. Can you run the 40? How is your lateral movement? Can you jump?”

Future has eight children with eight different women. Meanwhile, Nick Cannon, who just welcomed his 12th child in December, welcomed 11 others with six different women. But Johnson has reportedly been planning to catch up with two rappers for quite some time. In May 2021, he tweeted, “Nick Cannon will not outdo me, let me get back in the lab….”

Months later in August, Johnson announced that he and Sharelle were expecting their first child together. In Nov. 2022, he shared a screenshot of text messages between him and one of his daughters, Cha’iel Moca Johnson.

When a fan asked if he was looking for another child, he said, “Yes because I’ll be damn if Nick Cannon outdo me.”

Johnson and Rosado’s daughter Serenity ‘Hurricane’ Paula Johnson was born this year on Jan. 2.

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