‘But I’m The Only One Working’: D.L. Hughley Says He’s Paid for Every Member of His Family to Go to College Even Though He Only Received His GED

D.L. Hughley says that he has paid for all of his family members to attend college despite only having received his GED. The successful comedian also discussed family during an appearance on “Sherri” with Sherri Shepherd on Jan. 31.

Hughley grew up in South Central Los Angeles and was kicked out of high school. The comedian later got a job working at the Los Angeles Times as a telemarketer before getting into comedy at the suggestion of his wife and becoming a successful comedian and actor.

D.L. Hughley
D.L. Hughley. (Photo: Sherri / YouTube)

Hughley joked with Shepherd about his liking to spend time with his friends who have money because he always pays for everything. He also joked about his wife, LaDonna Hughley, being upset that he bought a life insurance policy on himself but not one on her.

“She got mad ’cause I didn’t get life insurance on her, and I’m like, ‘Well, you don’t work,'” he joked, adding that she questioned what would happen to the family if something happened to her. “We ain’t have to move or nothin’ like that. The kids are gonna get a Puerto Rican stepmother,” he laughed.

Hughley went on to say that he was proud of his wife, who recently earned a second master’s degree.

“But no job,” he joked. “Every member of my family, I paid for them to go to college, and I have a GED. … I’m very proud of them, but they’re arrogant. … But I am the only one working, like, if I leave, this whole place would get dark,” he joked. “It’s hard to see your degree on the wall with your lights off.”

The comedian also discussed his love for golf and noted he often plays with fellow entertainers George Lopez, Cedric the Entertainer and Anthony Anderson. After Shepherd asked Hughley who the best golfer was in their group, he admitted that Lopez is the best golfer but also said he talked the most “mess.” However, he also said Anderson talks a lot too and joked, “Who put the quarter in you?”

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