‘Did She Pull Another Youngster???’: Fans Suspect There’s More Between Keyshia Cole and Her Trainer After He Shows Off His Abs in Shirtless Workout Video 

Keyshia Cole‘s trainer with the Instagram handle of i_am_dre21 had tongues wagging after posting a video of their latest workout on Instagram on Monday, Jan. 30. Fans zeroed in on the extreme physique of Cole’s trainer, and apparently many liked what they saw.

The clip shows the pair working on core exercises, but Dre’s abdominal muscles took center stage, as fans left comments on his chiseled midsection. The workout was set to an instrumental version of “Block Is Hot” by Fruity Covers. He captioned the post, “LOCKED IN ACTIVATED BENCH CORE,” with emojis of a lock, muscle and fire.

Keyshia Cole DaReal21
Keyshia Cole and her trainer, DaReal21 (Photo: @i_am_dre21 / Instagram.)

Fans seemed focused on the trainer in the video and could not help but mention his good looks in the comments section.

“That man fine as hell lol,” wrote one fan. “Workout yeah okay.”

“I could watch him allll day,” replied another fan. “I mean keyshia u doing great too, but ummm babeee.”

Another fan joked that they would need the trainer’s number for personal reasons. “I need his number for workout and personal reasons.”

“Damn he fine,” echoed another fan. “He can work me out. ‘did I say that’ (urkel voice) YUP.”

“Wait now! Damn! He fine AF.”

One fan summed up the comments of many when she said she’d be doing “another workout” with the trainer, given the chance.

“I would find another workout with that bench with him & in the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost I know Keyshia thought the same….. Ijs!”

“Did she pull another youngster???”

“She Like Them Young And Fineeeeeeee.”

The “Heaven Sent” singer also shared a separate video of herself and her trainer working out with stability balls hours before. The video is set to the song “Sky’s the Limit” by The Notorious B.I.G., and captures the duo doing crunches and various abdominal exercises. She captioned the post, “Back at it!!! Puttin’ that work in! My trainer the best @i_am_dre21 I’m determined to reach my fitness goals!”

Fans also commented on Cole’s video, and several joked about the “Love” singer liking her men young. “She loves her a fine young one.”

Cole has had her share of younger lovers in the past, including her ex-husband, former NBA player Daniel Boobie Gibson, who is five years younger than Cole. The two share a 12-year-old son, Daniel Gibson Jr.

Cole also has a 3-year-old son, Tobias Khale, with her ex-boyfriend Niko Hale, who is also younger than the recording artist — by 14 years.

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