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‘Y’all Families Probably Have the Best Time’: Taye Diggs Shows Apryl Jones’ Parents How to Dance and Fans Can’t Get Enough of the ‘Blended Family’

Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones were back with another fun-filled video, and this time they were joined by Jones’ mom Mei Hsiang Jones and her mom’s boyfriend. 

In one of Diggs’ latest posts, he can be seen partaking in some kind of electric slide dance with Jones’ parents while the mom of two was recording the entire thing. 

Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones. (Photo: Tayediggsinsta/Instagram.)

“Get it, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,” Jones harmoniously sang as Diggs took the lead in telling her folks what their next move was going to be. 

Both Jones’ mother and mother’s boyfriend made sure they followed Diggs’ every move as Apryl helped guide them with her voice, “Left, left, right right, turn it up and slide it tight.”

While the boyfriend seemed to be solely focused on perfecting his moves, her mother branched off into her own little groove, prompting Diggs to stop in his tracks and hype her up.

“Ahhh, get it,” Diggs exclaimed 

“Our blended family git down,” he captioned his video. 

The sweet post received over 452,000 likes with comments with how beautiful it is to witness Diggs form a relationship with the “Love and Hip Hop” star’s senior relatives. 

“I love this so much, y’all families probably have the best time too!”

“He’s in his element! Teaching somebody how to sing or dance is his niche”

“Taye is definitely the one you bring home to meet your parents!”

Hsiang Jones commented underneath the video as well, writing, “We need more practice. We had so much fun.”

A few fans continued to admire how great Jones and Diggs go together, one stating, “Such a beautiful unexpected surprise love match. I’m rooting for y’all.”

Diggs doesn’t just have a seemingly fun relationship with his boo’s older kin, but also with her son, 8-year-old Megaa, and daughter, 6-year-old A’mei. 

A’mei has accompanied the 52-year-old on multiple musical ventures where she followed his lyrics with her own twist.

Their most recent video is from Jan. 18. In the video A’mei, Diggs, and Jones can all be seen practicing their best villain laugh.

Jones and Diggs consistently post adorable videos showing fans a glimpse of their crazy life, which often makes their followers joyful. Last August people admired Diggs’ ability to express his love for Jones in a quick one-minute video where the New Jersey native expressed gratefulness for his woman.

“Praise you Lord Jesus, Buddha, or universe, ‘cause somehow she’s… she’s nice, and she’s with me,” he expressed.

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