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‘You Know You Can Re-Do It’: Angela Simmons Seemingly Sharing Her ‘Love’ for Yo Gotti Hits a Sour Note with Fans as Video Is Out of Sync

Ever since news hit about Angela Simmons, one of hip-hop’s most legitimate princesses, falling in love with rapper Yo Gotti, the internet has not been able to stop chatting about their romance.

One week after the King of Rock’s daughter posted on Instagram a picture of herself and the Collective Music Group executive courtside in matching black and white, smiling at each other in a picture captioned “Long as I’m next to you,” she took to TikTok with another public declaration.

This time, the bombshell was dressed in an all-gray catsuit, shades, bedazzled with trunk diamonds (C presumably for Gotti’s label) and full glam face lip-syncing to Nicki Minaj saying, “Do you know how much I love you?” However, the sync wasn’t syncing … and fans were quick to point it out.

One fan hopped into the comment section and said, “Is the video delayed or something?”

“So, you saw this footage and didn’t think to redo your edits ma’am? It’s giving Tyler Perry… TAKE 2 please‼️,” another comment read.

This suggestion was echoed by Terilisha who said, “Sis you know you can redo it until you get it right… right.”

Tika_blessed_87 informed, “Her TikToks always be off, like what is that? Swear, I’m not a hater.”

While she might not be a hater, others in the comments were.

Hundreds of remarks blasted her saying she was “giving pressed” or “desperate,” prompting some just to say, “stop with the negativity.”

Janay Antoinette said, “The comment section is really pathetic. Listen, when you date someone who is equally into you it becomes easy to fully love and commit to them. This is what you guys are witnessing.”

Another person who believed the comments were toxic was lu_tactical, who wrote, “Y’all are so unhappy in these comments. So crazy how people really fix their fingers to tear someone down smh. #itbeyourownpeople.”

The vibe was summed up with one basic comment, “They are grown.”Adding, “It’s ok to like somebody as much as they like you… y’all need to grow up.”

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