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‘I Wonder What Jim Jones Say About His Step Father’: Fans Do a Double Take After Mama Jones Pops Out with New Boo Nearly 30 Years Younger

Love is in the air for “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star Nancy Jones, aka Mama Jones. 

The 63-year-old showed off her new, younger boo in a now-deleted Instagram post. MediaTakeOut was first to acquire Mama Jones’ first posted photo with her boyfriend, who was seen holding her up in a cradled position. 

Mama Jones. (Photo: @therealmamajones/Instagram)

“Beautiful awakening! Feels so good to wake up to something like this! I hope you guys cna awake to something this beautiful to,” Jones wrote for her caption. 

When a fan asked if the man, who appears to be in his 20s, was her child, the youth advocate and mentor clarified “that’s my man.”

In Jones’ most recent post and delete photo, she stood beside her man wearing a celeste-colored garment with multi-colored flowers making their way around it and a Chinese shan in her hand. 

The Shaderoom captured the photo before Mama Jones deleted it. (@theshaderoom IG)

“The only time he does is in Mama Jones World… Goodnight [kiss emoji,]” she wrote. 

Before the picture was deleted from her page, The Neighborhood Talk obtained it and re-uploaded it onto their Instagram feed. Shocked at her announcement of a relationship with a man who appears more than 30 years younger than she is, several fans brought up Jones’ rapper son Jim Jones, wanting to know his feelings about his mother’s newfound romance.

“Get Jim Jones on the phone”

“I can hear Jim now ‘this nigguh ain’t my step fawtha’”

“I wonder what Jim Jones say about this step father” 

There were even a few comments who brought up the irony of Mama Jones finally finding love after years of drama with Jim Jones and his longtime girlfriend, Chrissy Lampkin

“Meanwhile she ruined Jim & Chrisy relationship for damn near 30 years smh”

“I hope be in her business like she was in his and Chrissy”

Mama Jones and Lampkin don’t have the best history with each other. According to Lampkin, Mama Jones has overstepped several boundaries when it came to her relationship with Jim. Their estranged relationship played out in numerous episodes of “Love and Hip Hop: New York.”

During season 12 of “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition,” Mama Jones accompanied her son and Lampkin on the journey with hopes of finding a common ground with actress. 

While on the show, their most explosive fight stemmed from Mama Jones trying to understand why Lampkin packed her bags and moved to Miami, Florida, after getting into an argument with Jim. 

“I moved to Miami because, between the two of you, I was worn out,” Lampkin emotionally explained.

“That’s selfish,” Mama Jones stated, which resulted in a yelling match between the two. 

The two finally were able to put the past behind them during the newest season of VH1’s, “Family Reunion: Love and Hip Hop Edition” after 18 years of tension.

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