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‘He Better Not Put It Out’: Jim Jones Jokingly Threatens to Charge Dr. Dre $2 Million If He Drops Unreleased Dipset Tracks

Jim Jones dropped a bomb last month when he revealed that Dr. Dre has several unreleased songs in the vault featuring Jones’ former group, Dipset or the Diplomats. Apparently, he has enough songs to form an entire EP! But he’ll owe Jones a whopping amount if he releases the music.

Jones was chatting about the collaboration on the “All Hip Hop Podcast,” calling the experience a “great night.” He said Dr. Dre was searching for a new sound as he was putting together a new album and apparently looked to the Harlem-made group.

Jim Jones (Photo: Instagram/ @jimjonescapo) and Dr. Dre (Photo: Instagram/ @drdre)

“Diplomats was Diplomats, we had that sound,” he said. He said the Compton entrepreneur came to his studio in New York, and Jones and he and his former group member Cam’ron did about four records. Jones added that Juelz Santana stopped by the studio at the end and hopped on the music as well and ultimately “four or five records” were created that night.

The “We Fly High” artist said, “I don’t know what he ever did with the records,” saying Dre put the songs directly on his hard drive, so there weren’t any copies made. The hosts claimed that that behavior was typical of Dr. Dre, saying that “he’ll hold something forever.”

But Jones responded, “Yea he better not put it out because I’m charging 2 million dollars for my verse.”

Jones went on to discuss the details of the session saying that it was “the first time I had somebody really make me do my verse over like 20 times. That was the first time I got a piece of that.” He jokingly added that it made him feel like Dre was “punking” him when he made him redo his verses in front of other people who were at the studio.

He said “You f-cking it up for me in here bro. These n-ggas gon probably start asking me questions.”

Smiling at the end, Jones reiterated that overall “it was good” and even added that “every leader got to be able to take direction.”

It’s not clear whether Dr. Dre is even considering releasing the music, as he has yet to respond to Jones.

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