Mama Jones Blasts ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ for Exploiting Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin’s Relationship

Jim Jones mother has nothing kind to say about WEtv’s “Marriage Boot Camp.” The show included Mama Jones, her son and his fiancee Chrissy Lampkin on the series’ “Reality Stars Family Edition” earlier this year.

“‘Marriage Boot Camp’ is … OK, I don’t even want to say the word but do you understand me? OK,” Mama Jones, whose real name is Nancy Jones, explained on “Sister Circle Live.” “They need to get real with they self. That’s all I gotta tell you. You would think that they do good to help people but they do more damage than good.”

On the series, Lampkin famously clashed with Mama Jones, who has been a central figure in her rapper son’s life. One issue Mama Jones had with Lampkin is her moving to Miami and leaving Jones behind. The pair had a huge blow-up, with lots of yelling and cussing exchanged.

Even on the couple’s other WEtv series, “Jim & Chrissy Vow Or Never,” she protested the marriage of the duo — even though they were together for 12 years by that time. Yet by the time the group was on “Marriage Boot Camp,” she said she considered them married.

When asked if she found the show’s process exploitative, Mama Jones agreed.

“Yes, very much, lovely.”

She also declined to give any updates on how the former “Love and Hip Hop New York” stars were doing because “before, they claimed I’m getting too much into” their relationship. So Mama Jones has dedicated to “leave it alone.”

Meanwhile, fans have been chiming in on the chat and the tea spilled during the interview.

“When they was on the show it was more abt the damage relationships and why they haven’t gotten married. They aren’t married 🙄.”

“Is the boot camp a joke or is their relationship the joke 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“What an awkward interview!”

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