’I Told My Mom ‘I’mma Buy All Them Houses We Got Kicked Out of’: Mike Epps Keeps Promise to Mother, Buys and Rebuilds the Childhood Homes He and His Family Were Evicted From

Comedian Mike Epps stopped by “The Daily Show” this week to chat with fill-in host Wanda Sykes. During their interesting conversation, Epps revealed that his newest TV venture revolves around flipping houses in Indianapolis, Indiana, something he started as a reaction to experiencing multiple evictions as a child.

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Mike Epps. (Photo: @therealmikeepps/Instagram.)

On Monday, Jan. 23, Sykes and Epps joined forces again to discuss their comedic work on the Netflix series “The Upshaws.” After sharing a few jokes and laughs, Sykes switched the topic’s focus onto Epps’ new show, “Buy the Block Back,” where he and his wife, Kyra Epps, buy and fix old houses in his hometown and list them for affordable prices so locals in Indianapolis can manage to purchase them. 

Buying and repairing old homes is an act of service for Epps, who confessed he has been doing this for a quarter-century.

“I’ve been buying homes in that city for about 25 years,” said the actor. “When I was young, me and my mom and my brothers and sisters, we got kicked out of a lot of houses, you know just getting evicted and stuff like tearing the houses up.” 

As it turned out, those evictions were all the ammunition needed to inspire the “Next Friday” star’s new HGTV series. He’s fulfilling an oath he made to his mother, Mary Reed, who passed away in December 2020.

“I told my mother — I said, ‘When I get famous, Mama, if I ever get famous, I’mma go buy all them houses we got kicked out of.’” Living up to his promise, the 52-year-old said, “I went back and bought all them houses, and we building them, me and my wife.”

In the midst of receiving praise from the audience, Epps made sure to show his wife support, who he says is the real mastermind behind the business, and work on “Buy the Block Back.”

“She [Kyra] got with a builder, and they put these houses together, man, and I mean these houses are beautiful,” he shared.

Epps continued by sharing their goal for when the homes are complete. He said, “Hopefully, we can make them affordable for some families and make them affordable homes.” 

Sykes recognized how Epps giving back to his hometown is having a great impact, which made her propose a suggestion. She suggested that he should look into running for political office, an idea he quickly shut down. 

“Oh no, you don’t want me in there,” he joked, “I don’t wanna help no grown folks.” 

Fans commended Epps for his contribution back to his community even after he managed to make it big in Hollywood. 

“He truly has a generous heart”

“Love seeing brother Epps giving back to his hood’

Supporters of Epps can expect “Buy the Block Back” to premiere sometime this summer.

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