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‘No Lies Detected’: Usher Humbly Brags About Being ‘Fine’ in the 90s and ‘Finer Now,’ Fans Agree

Usher Raymond came through with a public service announcement on Twitter making fans aware that he still has it going on.

The ’90s heartthrob commented on a Twitter post made by @iamnjera reminiscing about certain celebrities making cameos in popular Black sitcoms. 

“I miss the days when all the fine R&B singers/ rappers/ pro athletes used to have random cameos in Black sitcoms. That was really a time,” she wrote.  

Usher. (Photo: @usher/Instagram.)

In her post, the fan included examples with four photos that showed Usher appearing on “Moesha,” late rapper Tupac on “A Different World,” basketball legend Kobe Bryant on “Moesha,” and singer Omarion on “One on One.”

Her tweet acquired 3.6 million views, with one of those views being from the “My Boo” singer himself, who re-shared it on his timeline. 

“Fine then, and ever finer now…” Usher wrote.

Many fans agreed under his comments section, noting that he still manages to be seen as a tastable piece of chocolate after being in the industry for nearly 30 years. 

“No lies detected! Let ‘em know!”

“You are right! You are finer now”

“Emphasis on the fine then, and even finer now”

Over 26,000 people agreed with his statement, which makes up for fans’ past opinions surrounding Usher’s new hairdo launch in Paris. In early January, the 44-year-old had fans do a double take after revealing his new fiery buzz-cut style on his Instagram story. 

Many fans shared their dislike for his red color, saying that they believe the R&B star was going through a midlife crisis. 

Despite some people’s criticism, there were a few who stood with Usher. 

Usher’s been in the business for over two decades, creating a very diverse fan base from women in the ’90s to their children in the 2000s. His music discography includes nine “Billboard Hot 100” singles that peaked at #1 — two of which include “Confessions Part II” and “Burn.” 

While he came out in the genre of R&B, the music vet has seen a bit of crossover, including into pop, with his works. His vast catalog of music has made it hard for many to pick his opponent in a “Verzuz” battle.

Though people would love to see the “Climax” vocalist go head-to-head with some top names in the music industry, many have suggested Chris Brown or Trey Songz as probable contenders, but Usher himself has said during a “People Every Day” podcast that no one would “want smoke” with his songs. 

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