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‘Mariah is the Queen of Xmas, Ashanti is the Queen of Vacations’: Video of Ashanti Enjoying Herself Has Fans Calling Her ‘Queen of Vacations’

Fans of R&B singer Ashanti have come to count on her for at least two things over the years: making hit music and, when not doing that, enjoying a nice vacation. The “Happy” singer constantly relishes beautiful getaways, which has prompted fans to crown her “The Queen of Vacations.”

The Grammy Award winner recently enjoyed a nice little vacation in the Bahamas, and The Jasmine Brand, an Instagram-based site that posts celebrity and trending news, captured a video of her putting on shades before booty poppin’. At the same time, her friends were in the background behind the camera, hyping her up.

Ashanti (Photo: @ashanti/Instagram.)

Amazed that Ashanti was on yet another vacation, fans in the comments began to admire all of the trips she’s made time for, despite her busy schedule. 

“She’s always living her best life.”

“Mariah is the queen of xmas, Ashanti is the queen of vacations.”

“She stay on vacation.”

“Ashanti got one them ol skool OG twerks… That shit hit!!”

“Ashanti’s joy for life is infectious. Love her.”

As 2023 began, Ashanti shared her jet-ski experience on a beach with her 7.5 million Instagram fans. In a previous video from her Insta story, the “My Name Is a Story” author rode on a lime green Quadski High-Speed Amphibian jet ski. It has the power to produce an impressive 140 horsepower on water and then speed up to 45 miles per hour on land, based on its description. Even then, fans noted how frequently she travels. 

As a successful artist, Ashanti has traveled all over the world. However, when she’s laid out and propped up on somebody’s beach, her getaway is primarily the Caribbean. 

In a July 2022 interview with Travel Noire, the actress shared what attracts her to islands like the Bahamas, Antigua, Trinidad, and Barbuda, where she traveled for her 42nd birthday.

“I just have such a love and a passion for the culture,” she told the outlet, “the music, the food, the love, the celebration.”

Ashanti explained that her love for the culture heightened after she experienced her first Carnival celebration in Trinidad.

“That was my first time. It changed my whole perspective,” the New York native shared. “Just the love, the music, how to celebrate, and again, the costumes, the food… America is cool, but I just love it over here.

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