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‘You After Your Exes Money’: Tia Mowry’s Estranged Husband Cory Hardrict Posts Pic to Promote New Series But Fans Pepper his Comments About ‘Coming After Tia’s Money’

Cory Hardrict’s latest Instagram post promoting the return of his show, “All American: Homecoming” turned into a finance debate in his comment section following the actor’s alleged request to have his and actress Tia Mowry’s prenuptial divorce agreement voided. 

The Look In Your Eyes': Tia Mowry-Hardrict's Throwback Pic with Cory Hardrict Gives Fans All the Feels
A younger Tia-Mowry Hardrict and Cory Hardrict madly in love. @tiamowry/Instagram

The 43-year-old actor uploaded a photo of himself on set of the popular “All American” CW spin-off with the caption, “God’s grace 🔐 N”

Several individuals didn’t hesitate to acknowledge recent headlines surrounding the current state of his divorce with Mowry thus causing the debate. 

Many comments claimed Hardrict is after Mowry’s money, deeming that as a reason why he wants their prenup overturned

“You after your exes money seems unfair don’t you think, why does she owe you?”

“If you have God then you don’t need Tia’s money, and if you have this show then you sure as h–-l don’t need it. Just keeping it 100%, leave her be.”

Other comments, one in particular, suggested everyone to mind their own business, for no one knows what is realistically going on behind the scenes of his current separation. 

“It’s none of anyone’s business. Do you guys know the full story? Why y’all giving him a hard way like this? Do y’all know what this man or family is going through? Come on now, be respectful of other people’s lives and worry about y’all own lives.” 


According to RadarOnline, Mowry’s initial filing claiming the two were divorcing due to “irreconcilable differences” was contested by Hardrict, who also apparently inquired about terminating Mowry’s ‘right to spousal support.”

Hardrict also reportedly “wants the courts to determine ‘the validity of the prenuptial agreement dated April 14, 2008 and/or that any provisions are unconscionable.’”

Finance issues were a main speculation by social media users as a reason why the estranged couple is going their separate ways. In November, Mowry received some backlash after commenting under a video surrounding a couple that only has one main breadwinner. 

This created speculations from fans who suggested that Mowry grew tired of paying for everything.

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