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‘It’s So Clear in Retrospect’: Fans Say This Video Proves ‘Destiny’s Child’ Was Really a ‘Vehicle’ to Launch Beyoncé’s Solo Career

A resurfaced clip of Destiny Child’s “Say My Name” performance has made its rounds throughout social media, and fans can’t help but acknowledge ad-libs from none other than Beyoncé

The initial 4-minute video turned into a 23-second clip that showed Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and Farrah Franklin side-by-side as they sang their popular No. 1 Billboard hit. As the song was heading to a close, Beyoncé strayed away from the chorus and began ad-libbing since this song featured her voice as the lead. 

(From left) Farrah Franklin, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams. Twitter screenshot @korysverse.

While the other three ladies continued the written lyrics, Bey decided to switch things up and sing, “Say Beyoncé” as a part of her ad lib. 

@Korysverse was the first to upload this clip onto Twitter and humorously commented on Yoncé’s doing. 

“What was her issue I’m crying [crying emojis]”

The Twitter clip received over 7.6 million views, and fans continued to quote-tweet the video and share their thoughts surrounding it. 

“The weak modern-day group stans wouldn’t be able to handle this kind of content nowadays.”

“It’s say MY name not say OUR name so [shrug emoji]”

“I would’ve screamed ‘SAY KELLY’ they better than me.”

“Destiny’s child was a vehicle for beyonce’s career ONLY. it’s so clear in retrospect.”

Though fans had their own opinions on the clip, none of the four women have commented on their resurfaced clip. 

While there hasn’t been any comments about the video, one member of Destiny’s Child recently discussed what singing beside Beyoncé was like during their girl group days.

Back in November, Rowland stopped by Hot 97 radio to discuss her movie “Fantasy Football” and things took a slight turn after interviewer Peter Rosenberg asked her how she was able to not compare herself to Beyoncé who was, as Rosenberg explained “a great light.”

Rowland classily responded, “Light attracts light. I am light. I am a beautiful brown shining light,”

She continued, “I think that when other people start to compare you, I think that’s when it shows how dim they are themselves.”

Rosenberg has since issued an apology to Rowland concerning his dim question calling it “clumsy” and “stupid.”

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