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‘Nah He Really the Dad From ‘Everybody Hates Chris.’ I Love it!’: Fans React After Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Reveals Why He Wore the Same Outfit for Four Days on Vacation

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is defending his frugal decision to wear an expensive outfit he’d purchased for days while on vacation. The former professional athlete, his children and fiancée, Sharelle Rosado, flew to the Bahamas to bring in the new year. He shared glimpses of their family trip daily on Instagram for four consecutive days, including photos and videos of himself wearing a $990 Space Dye Banada LS Polo from Amiri clothing. In one video from Sunday, Jan. 1, Johnson shamelessly addressed critics who attempted to blast him for wearing the same clothes.

“Yes, I am still wearing the same outfit. They cost a pretty penny,” he said, while smoking a cigar. “I’m not really an Amiri guy. I’m more of a Target, H&M, a Zara type dude but for the kids I said we gon’ get a little drip. This is my third day in the same outfit. Because of the price point it forced me to wear it three days in a row.”

Fans clown Chad Ochocinco Johnson for rocking the same Amiri shirt for days while on vacation. (Photo: @chadochocinco/Instagram.)

The 44-year-old admitted that he’s taken showers and changed his socks and undergarments, but he has no plans on switching up his Amiri shirt. “And I’ma keep on wearing it until I feel I got my money’s worth out this mu—-f——,” he declared. “I like the scent.”

The former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver further elaborated on how he’s gotten away with wearing the same outfit for days. He also explained how unbothered he is by his kids making fun of their dad.

“While in the Bahamas, we going to different places and locations, so the chances of me seeing the same people twice is slim to none,” Johnson continued. “And that’s my spill. The kids making fun of me, but I don’t care.”

Fans in the comments were left in tears at the thrifty athlete’s unique way of getting his money’s worth. Many agreed with his humorous logic, which reminded them of Julius Rock, Terry Crew‘s cheap and frugal character from “Everybody Hates Chris.” The hit television series is loosely based on the childhood of a show co-creator: comedian Chris Rock in 1980s Brooklyn, New York. Meanwhile, others mentioned the father of seven made a smart decision by considering his household.

“New year but Ocho will never change.”

“Nah, he really the dad from ‘Everybody hates Chris.’ I love it.”

“OMG I was NOT expecting this to be the message today.”

“I know thats right!!! All those kids you got to save money somewhere lol.”

“You gotta love him. His humor is everything!”

The last time fans compared Johnson to Julius was in February 2022. He shared another Instagram video explaining how he saves money by doing Rosado’s makeup for a photo shoot.

“Fellas, if you want to save money, watch YouTube. Check out my tutorials,” he said with a straight face. “Women’s makeup is very expensive. If you learn how to do this s–t yourself, you’re saving money. Today, Im’ma give her a nice little beat.”

He added, “Instead of paying a makeup artist, I’m gon’ apply the s–t. Just light, light, foundation, little blush and just blend it all together.”

Fans have also compared Johnson to “The Game” comical character Jason Pitts, portrayed by actor Coby Bell. Jason was known for his notoriously cheap and frugal ways and for the fact that he hated spending money.

In May 2022, Johnson advised fans on packing tips before flying to Paris. He showed off a $147 receipt, which shows how much he spent on his wardrobe for the trip.

“As for me, I have a white tee and a black tee; boom. That is equivalent to one outfit depending once I put a bottom on,” he said. “I have a jersey, I have my Napoli jersey; that’s a third outfit. I got some socks. I got some Chucks.”

Johnson continued, “You don’t want to take some good shoes to Paris to go watch no soccer because the Air Force Ones will get dirty. Boom. I got a plaid and I got a solid. You feel me; khaki go with anything. That’s four outfits right there. I got some black shorts and a black crewneck [shirt].That’s five outfits, right.”

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