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‘I Need to See You In Grey Sweat Pants’: Fans Zoom In After Lil Baby Bounces Around on Stage

Lil Baby fans were watching more than his performance when he hit the stage recently. Overly invested onlookers made his pants, or more accurately, what was inside of them, a social media talking point.

In a clip circulated online, the Atlanta native is seen on stage rapping “Every Chance I Get.” He donned a pair of plaid pants, a black T-shirt and dark shades. At first glance, and possibly even a second and third, there does not appear to be much to the footage. However, a fans’ caption overlay clearly lends a hint: “The reason these females love Lil Baby.”

Lil Baby
Lil Baby Photos: Ceo_bregang/TikTok, Lilbaby/Instagram

A trip into the comments makes the message even more clear. Each social media user commented on what they deemed to be a bulge in the rapper’s pants that they lustfully hoped was an indication that his “manhood” was much more substantial than his stage name. “I need to see him in grey sweat pants where u going,” read a comment. Another posted, “He got a lil baby in them pants.” And a third person wrote, “Chile! Ain’t nothing lil about Dominique. Jayda I UNDERSTAND.”

Another person commented, “Okay then Saweetie shoppin splurge,” making mention of the rumors that the Quality Control artist briefly courted the female rapper. Earlier this year, the “My Type” MC artist posted a photo of her sitting on a man’s lap. Internet sleuths concluded that the mystery man was Lil Baby and that he had spent upwards of $100,000 during a shopping trip. However, he ultimately denied the claims.

A deeper dive into the comments proved that not everyone who watched the clip shared the same excitement about Lil Baby’s physical potential. “Lol y’all be straining them eyes, boy,” one person wrote. Another remarked, “I watched this clip 5 times I don’t really see too much of nothing idk what y’all talm bout.” A third simply wrote, “That man minding his business.”

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