‘Here Comes Jayda in 3,2,1’: Alexis Skyy’s Glam Shot Goes Left After Fans Claim She Wants Lil Baby After Hearing His Song In the Background

Alexis Skyy‘s glam video clip went off message on Dec. 18 when fans heard “On Me” by Lil Baby blaring in the background.

The “Love and Hip Hop” star, dressed in a Roaring ’20s flapper dress for Mulatto’s 22nd birthday celebration, had fans scratching their heads after seeing her mouthing the lyrics to the rapper’s hit song, given their history. Skyy had a beef with Jayda Cheaves, the mother of his child.

She captioned the post, “Come and put that PU$$y on me.” Although it seemed like the former feud had been quashed, as both women attended the birthday celebration, fans couldn’t help but stir things up in the comments section regarding Lil Baby.

Alexis Skyy. @alexisskyy/Instagram

“U not embarrassed to be playing this man music still?”

“Wanna be Jayda so bad 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

“Super petty. Always playin baby in her background”

“She want lil baby bad 😂”

“😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 here comes jayda in 3,2,1…”

Earlier in the year, the “LHH” star threw shots at Cheaves via Twitter because Skyy thought Cheaves responded negatively to her tweet that said she “paved the way” for people like Cheaves and Ari Fletcher to become successful. 

Skyy’s initial tweet said, “You b—–s .. are weird af I’m in my own lane I don’t hate on no one all these trolls tagging me in sh-t saying I’m trying be like this person. Let me make something clear I love myself I’m beautiful inside and out! I been real humble. I paved the way for these b—–s.”

Soon after the reply that set her off, Skyy told Cheaves she would take Lil Baby back if she didn’t stop talking recklessly. Cheaves denied ever saying or deleting anything and shaded the reality star. The mother of one also retorted that the “We Paid” rapper didn’t want Skyy and that contrary to what she thought, no one wanted to be with her. 

Cheaves also told the model that she needs to focus on her daughter Alaiya Grace — who suffers from hydrocephalus, a fluid buildup in the brain cavities — instead of concentrating on “d–k.” After increasingly nasty series of exchanges between the two women, Lil Baby took to Twitter and asked, “don’t lie on me.”

The rapper later said during an interview the reason why he chimed in was because Skyy was spreading false narratives

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