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‘I’ve Lost 35lbs’: Ayesha Curry Details Drastic Weight Loss Plan and New Goal to ‘Build Lean Muscle’

For Ayesha Curry, the first week of January is proving a time to swiftly put one of her New Year’s resolutions into full effect after showing off her 35-pound weight loss.  

The cookbook author sat with People magazine, where she expressed that a main goal of hers in 2023 is to “build a little bit of lean muscle.” 

Over the past couple of years, Curry, who is married to professional basketball player Stephen Curry, lost over 30 pounds however, for the month of January, she is done focusing on her weight loss, and focusing more on defining her body

“One of my big resolutions for January is going to be to build a little bit of lean muscle,” she told People, “I’ve lost 35 lbs. over the past year, which I’m really excited about, but now I want that definition and I want to feel strong in my skin.” 

(L) Ayesha Curry 2018 (R) Ayesha Curry 2022 (Pictured: @ayeshacurry/Instagram)

After carrying and birthing three children within the past 10 years, the full-time mommy decided it was time to stop putting so much pressure on herself to lose weight, but instead show her body some grace. 

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(L-R): Canon, Ayesha, Ryan, Stephen, and Riley Curry (Pictured: Ayesha Curry’s Instagram (@ayeshacurry)

Curry did this by putting an end to comparing her fitness journey to those around her, especially her “high performance athlete” husband. 

“I think I had to be honest with myself and realize that I can’t do that and I don’t have to do that to see the results that I want to see.” 

She continued, “I kind of had this inner competition that didn’t exist. And so I was almost always defeated in whatever it was that I was doing because I couldn’t do it to that level. I think I had to take a second, take a deep breath and just realize, do what you can and that’s enough.” 

Kicking off her New Year health journey, Curry partnered with MyFitnessPal for its 14-day Jumpstart Your Health Challenge. The health and wellness app prioritizes healthier lifestyles by tracking one’s meals while helping a person learn new habits and reach their designated goal.

Curry told People, “When the new year comes around every year, everybody’s going all in, balls to the wall and wants to do the most, and you almost always end up failing… With this Jumpstart Your Health Challenge, it just makes it easy, It’s not overwhelming, it’s approachable.”

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