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Are Chrissy and Jim Jones Still Together? 

Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones have been a part of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” since its debut in 2011. The couple has been together for nearly two decades but has yet to change last names and tie the knot officially. During season 1 of the VH1 series, Lampkin received backlash for her infamous proposal to the Dipset rapper in front of family and friends.

Fans were expecting a wedding in season 2. Instead, Jones decided to propose to Chrissy with his own ring. The pair have attempted to work through their issues by taking breaks and even living in separate states. However, the expressive opinions of Jones’ mother, affectionately known as Mama Jones, often affected their relationship.

Jim Jones, Chrissy Lampkin
The status of Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones’s relationship is up in the air. @chrissylampkin/Instagram

The trio took their family issues to We TV’s “Marriage Bootcamp” series in 2018, but not much progress was made. Fans were even more shocked when Lampkin and Mama Jones quashed their old beef in the Dec. 26 episode of VH1’s “Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop.” They came to an “understanding” about their treatment of each other over the years.

Are Chrissy and Jim Jones Still Together? 

But many are now wondering about the state of Jim and Lampkin’s relationship after a viral Instagram video circulated on social media. It was shared by The Neighborhood Talk, which tagged “Love & Hip Hop” in the post’s caption. It captures Jim’s shocking reaction after he asked his lady about a future wedding as they were on a boat.

“You don’t want to get married to me?” he asked, and Lampkin answered “No.” The 46-year-old insisted he wants to get married but understands he can’t force it.

In her response, Lampkin explained that he requires her to be a “loving, sexual” woman who cooks dinner every night. Yet, he comes home “mean,” “cold,” and “distant.”

“I just know I been putting you through a lot,” Jim admitted before apologizing for his faults. “It just seems like I always forget about the personal and how much we have at stake when it comes to you. Somehow I’m always thinking about the hustle.”

“I always been a man of my family,” he declared. “All I know how to do is try to support and try to make money. I don’t want you to think I’m selfish in any way. Because I love you more than I could love anything in this world. … It’s been a long road.”

“Yea, and I been here with you for a lot of it,” Lampkin interjected. “And yes, you put me through a lot, but at some point it has to stop.”

The heated conversation took a turn when Jim asked where she would want to get married. “What are you talking about right now?….You just skipped 12 steps,” Lampkin replied. The 51-year-old then accused the Diplomat member of throwing “a pity party” for himself and jumping from one big revelation to the next. 

“You talking about you sorry for what you put me through but have you really talked about the steps it will take for us to do better? You promising sh-t, and I keep asking you to show me, right?”

The Harlem-bred artist turned it back on his woman of 18 years, whom he claims is “unsure” about marrying him. But for Lampkin, they have a lot to tackle before simply saying “I do.”

“You’re all over the place with your emotions. Not once did you make me feel it was solidified that you got your head on straight,” she told Jim. “You just talking, and I’m telling you, stop rambling and cut to the chase. And you’re like, OK, then you mad at me for that.”

She added, “I don’t know, it just felt crazy to hear you go from that to ‘where would you want to get married?’ You didn’t ask me If I still wanted to get married.”

As a result, Jim began questioning himself, saying, “Maybe I don’t know how to love.”

It’s unclear if the clip will appear on season 3 of VH1’s “Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop,” which airs new episodes Monday at 8 p.m. EST.

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