‘She Dresses Exactly Like Me, I Have No Style’: Fans Question How Shereé Whitfield was Named as One of New York Times ‘Most Stylish People’

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Shereé Whitfield had a few eyebrows raised at her after the fashion designer revealed being named in The New York Times’ 93 Most Stylish People of 2022 list following her launch of long-awaited clothing line, “She by Sheree.” 

In a tweet Whitfield sent out Wednesday, Dec. 14, she wrote, “So honored to be named one of the most stylish people of 2022 by @nytimes  #SheByShereé #RHOA #Fashion

Many gossip sites got ahold of this news and uploaded it onto their pages along with some of Whitfield’s best outfits. While some comments were in celebration of this great accomplishment, many fans confessed to not liking her style and questioned how the 52-year-old ended up on the list. 

Sheree Whitfield
Shereé Whitfield. (Photo: @shereewhitfield/Instagram)

“She dresses exactly like me, and I have no style” 

“Her hair was more stylish than her outfits” 

“Shein by Sheree”

Earlier in September, Whitfield’s choice of items on her “She by Sheree” website was put into question after fans compared some of her overpriced items to more affordable items from online company Shein. 

When asked about the comparison in an “In The Know” interview, Whitfield admitted to using the same private label as Shein.

“I don’t design everything,” She shared, “All I can say is that Shein, or Cheyenne or whatever, they shop at the same production private label.” 

This isn’t the first time Whitfield received criticism from her athletic clothing line launch, in October she was called out for the outrageously high priced items which included $262 for hoodies and $142 for T-shirts. 

In an interview with People Magazine, she explained herself again, stating that the reason behind her high pricing is her production costs are high. 

“When you’re comparing my line to some of the other lines out there, you have to remember that they order hundreds of thousands of their products so of course they’re going to get a much better price per item and then sell each item for cheaper. They can afford to do that. I can’t.”

Although there’s some backlash surrounding Whitfield making The New York Times list, it looks as if she’s ignoring trolls and focusing on this achievement. 

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