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Who is Sasheer Zamata?  Everything You Need to Know About the Comedian Trending After Appearing on ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ 

American actress and comedian Sasheer Zamata has been in the industry since 2014, however, she recently began to receive newfound recognition after appearing on season three, episode 11 of “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” alongside actors Jack Black and Kal Penn. 

Though Zamata faced a respected defeat after being the first to go bankrupt out of Black and Penn, she also managed to leave “Wheel of Fortune” viewers wanting to know more about her as well as her work as an actor. 

Who is Sasheer Zamata???Everything You Need to Know About the Comedian Trending After Appearing on ?Celebrity Wheel of Fortune??
Sasheer Zamata @thesheertruth/Instagram

Who is Sasheer Zamata? 

Zamata is a 36-year-old actress born to her mother, Ivory Steward, and father, Lt. Henry Moore, of the U.S. Air Force. Although she was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Zamata was initially born in Okinawa, Japan, due to her father being stationed there for his military career. She revealed that the origin of her name stemmed from the “alien flower-like crystal” called “Sahsheer” from the season-two, episode 22 “Star Trek” episode “By Any Other Name.” 

Early Life/Career

Zamata graduated from Pike High School and later received her bachelors of arts degree from the University of Virginia. While in college, Zamata participated in numerous roles as different characters for the Disney College Program. In addition to that, she was also an intricate member in creating the university’s long-form improv comedy group, Amuse Bouche. 

In 2009, the comedian began to regularly perform at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. Zamata’s first television role would later be in the ABC News psychological reality show “Would You Fall For That.”

Though the show only received one season, Zamata’s name was never forgotten due to her works of hilarious YouTube videos that showed her skills impersonating famous names such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Michelle Obama. 

Zamata’s Experience on SNL

In 2014, Zamata got her breakout gig and also made history by becoming the first black woman hired on “Saturday Night Live” after Maya Rudolph’s exit in 2007. 

Zamata’s most-viewed “SNL” skit was a “Black Jeopardy” act with comedians Kenan Thompson and Leslie Jones and with actor Tom Hanks. The SNL skit reached over 73 million views on YouTube. 

In 2017, Zamata decided to exit “SNL” without announcing her departure to fans or giving a reason behind it. 

Life After SNL

In additionally to “SNL,” Zamata gained experience for voice acting in the 2017 film “Call of Duty; Infinite War” and voicing Mary in “Muppets Haunted Mansion” in 2021. 

Her credentials also include 2018 romcoms “The Weekend,” and “So Close,” comedic fictional TV show “Woke,” which ran for two seasons in 2020, satirical horror film “Spree,” which was released in 2020, and most recently the ABC sitcom “Home Economics.” 


Though Zamata hasn’t received many accolades, she was named an “American Civil Liberties Union” Celebrity Advocate in 2015. After receiving this award, Zamata began to work with the Women’s Rights Project to help break down gender biases. While being a part of this project, Zamata has spoken out against discrimination and colorism.

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