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‘This Is Why She Has the Best Body In Hollywood’: Tracee Ellis Ross’ Rigorous Training Video Has Fans Zooming In on Her Toned Figure 

Tracee Ellis Ross isn’t letting the upcoming holiday season deter her from whipping her body into shape.

The actress gave her millions of followers a glimpse into her recent workout session, which took place at Rise Movement studio in Los Angeles. In the Instagram post shared on Nov. 29, Ross was seen doing various back and butt exercises.

?This Is Why She Has the Best Body In Hollywood?: Tracee Ellis Ross? Rigorous Training Video Has Fans Zooming In on Her Toned Figure?
Tracee Ellis Ross shows off her rigorous workout routine. @traceeellisross/Instagram

The 50-year-old started the video by standing in a squat position and doing resistance band rows. The next exercise showcased Ross incorporating her glutes and hamstrings as she did backward leg lifts on the West Barbell Scout Hyper machine.

The machine is used to help strengthen the individuals’ muscles that are located in the back of the leg and spine. In the third exercise went to the cable machine to do single-arm reps. Towards the end of the clip, Ross was seen doing a set of 20-pound deadlift and a series of hip thrusts with a 45-pound weights.

In addition to the video, Ross wrote the caption, “Up and at ’em.” As fans viewed the recording, many expressed how amazing the “Girlfriends” star looked.

“Work!!!! That’s why that body is BODY’N.”

“I love seeing how natural you are. No Botox no fillers or plastic stuff we miss seeing real and natural beauty on the spot and we love you for that!”

“Yaaaaas Queen! Lead the way! That’s why that body stays on point!”

“This is why she has the best body in Hollywood.”

“Now that I’ve seen this I understand why she’s as fine & put together as she is.”

Among the previous remarks, one individual pointed out how much slimmer and toned Ross looks. That person wrote, “I can definitely see some results You lost some weight inches and looking very toned.”

In 2017, during an interview with Health magazine, Ross shared that she’s gotten more comfortable in her skin despite not previously liking her curvy figure and how she maintains her figure by working out.

She told the publication, “The comfort in my skin is so much better. I spent so much of my life, culturally, seeing myself through others because I just didn’t always have the confidence to look at the world through my own eyes.”

Ross continued the conversation by mentioning her workout regimen, “It’s three days a week on a regular basis, sometimes four. Sometimes I take a little break, but the truth is, I feel the best when I work out. I feel very strong. I didn’t wake up like this.”

She added, “At 22, I woke up like that. At 44, I work really hard for this! I am on TV, and I don’t want to lie to anybody. I’m not at my skinniest, I’m not at my fattest, but I live my life. This is my body. Health and the functionality of my body are more important than what it looks like.”

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