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Kandi Burris Reveals LaTocha Scott Is Working on Solo Gospel Album After Fans Question Recent Xscape Flyer, Sister Tamika Scott Confirms

Earlier this month, singer and songwriter LaTocha Scott said she would distance herself from Xscape after a dispute between her husband and a tour promoter. Now it appears that the space has given way for the songstress to work on a solo gospel album, set to release sometime next year. 

Fellow bandmate Kandi Burruss announced the news after fans raised more questions about their rumored feud in the comments section of a post promoting an upcoming show at the State Farm Arena next month with remaining group members Tiny Harris and Tamika Scott. 

Soon Instagram user @cpsweetz accused LaTocha of “pulling them same antics she did in the 90s” before claiming that the “Liar Liar” singer was “separating herself from the group trying to work on a solo career that never works out for her.”

However, supporters quickly came to the singer’s defense, including one fan who argued, “I haven’t seen Latocha post anything about a solo career or going solo, so that is just Hearsay as far as I’m concerned.”

That person added, “Until Latocha announces it herself, I don’t believe that!! But just because someone in the group records solo music doesn’t necessarily mean they want to leave the group and go solo. You can do other things while still being in the group.”

It wasn’t long before music fans got their confirmation from Kandi, who hopped online to clear the air, writing that LaTocha “Definitely has a solo deal.” She added, “It will be on the tv show,” referencing the star’s upcoming Bravo reality series focused on Xscape and fellow girl group SWV. Kandi noted, “It’s already been filmed.” She then told fans, “you are right she definitely can still do stuff with us. It’s her choice when she’s not a part of the shows.

Kandi Burris Reveals LaTocha Scott Is Working on Solo Gospel Album After Fans Question Recent Xscape Flyer, Sister Tamika Scott Confirms
Kandi (L) and Tameka Scott (R) reveal that Xscape member, LaTocha Scott is working on a solo gospel album.

In her own post, Tamika co-signed Kandi’s statement, telling fans, “Any fan concerns: My Talented sister Latocha is not on the flyer because she asked to be taken off months ago. My sister has a solo deal and stepped back from the group to work on it.”

Tamika explained that her sister’s management team informed the group of LaTocha’s absence, noting that she would “not be available to do shows with us until next year.”

She continued, “Therefore we will continue our Xscape legacy until she returns. Thank you to all of our fans that’s been coming to the shows with us three and rocking with us! Please continue to support us collectively and Individually!! See You Sunday.”

Fans weren’t too surprised, but thanked the ladies for their transparency, including one Instagram user who wrote, “Thanks for letting us know!! because I was about to say we need the whole group!!!” Another person added, “love this & as the fans we gon keep pushing & supporting the positive Xscape.”

According to blog site The Jasmine Brand, Latocha’s title-pending project “will be under Motown Gospel and will be released to the public in early 2023.” Sources close to the group claimed that despite the singer’s solo music efforts on the heels of mounting tension between members of the award-winning group she still wants to be a part of Xscape. 

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