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‘Keyshia Cole Got Her Gap Back’: Keyshia Cole Has Her Old Smile Back and Fans Anticipate New Music 

Keyshia Cole‘s smile and new music became a topic of conversation recently after fans spotted that the singer’s iconic gap has returned.

Cole, who became a household name in the entertainment industry in the early 2000s and has released seven studio albums, had a gap at the beginning of her music career and closed it in 2008.

Keyshia Cole had fans anticipating new music after the singer debuted her gap smile. Photo:@keyshiacole/Instagram

Although Cole didn’t provide any reason behind the procedure, in February 2021, the “Let It Go” vocalist toyed with the idea of reopening her gap by sharing an image on her Instagram story while visiting the dentist’s office.

Cole wrote the caption, “Thinking about opening up my gap back! I’m here now!!!! Thoughts.” Following that post, Cole stopped mentioning her gap.

As early as Nov. 20, fans started noticing Cole’s smile was different after the mother of two shared various videos on her Instagram page throughout the week. Although Cole didn’t disclose any details about reopening her gap at the time, fans automatically assumed that she was gearing up for a new musical project.

As Cole’s clips began circulating online, a handful of fans began rejoicing because many claimed that the singer made her best music during the “gap” era.

“I always felt that the best vocals and songs came when Keyshia Cole had that gap! Something about a gapful Keyshia that sits right with my musical spirit! #thegaphasreturned.”

“Keyshia Cole gap is back hopefully that old K.C. feel of music will follow.”

“RESPECTFULLY, Keyshia Cole gave us the mf gap!!!!! LAWD! Lemme get my money together cuz the girls bout to f**k the music industry up in 2023.”


“Keyshia with the gap made LEGENDARY music!!!!! Can’t wait!”

On Nov. 23, Cole told The Shade Room in an exclusive interview one of the reasons why she reopened her gap was for her upcoming Lifetime biopic that is slated to start filming next week.

The 41-year-old said, “I’m getting in character… we start filming in Oakland on the 1st of next month [December].And I’ll be playing myself after the age of 25. I was already contemplating on getting it before the movie came about, but now that we’re filming, I decided to make that jump.”

Cole also told the publication that she closed her gap because she “wanted to perfect” what she disliked about her smile. The “Heaven Sent” songstress also revealed that the recent procedure costs $8,000 and that she plans to keep her gap even after production wraps. 

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