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‘Mama Joyce Somewhere Calling Him a Scrub’: Kandi Burruss Serenades Husband Todd Tucker Onstage, Fans Bring Up Mama Joyce’s Recent Comments Surrounding Swapping Out Her Son-In-Law

Things got hot and heavy at the most recent Xscape performance in Birmingham, Alabama. Kandi Burruss was accompanied by her husband, Todd Tucker on stage during her show as she serenaded him by means of her girl group’s 1993 hit “Tonight.” 

A fan recorded Burruss, who was wearing a sheer long-sleeved bodysuit with booty-cut jeans and knee-highs, singing the tune as she body-rolled on her husband of eight years. Tucker, who stood in amazement, was seen following Burruss’ body with only his eyes.


The couple’s sweet encounter had fans blushing as they watched the video, some fans even commented on their undeniable love for one another. 

“I love their love for each other.”

“They’re too cute [heart eyes]”

“They really love each other [heart eyes] God, it’s me again”

Although some comments admired Burruss and Tucker’s love, other fans brought up the singer’s mother, Joyce Joyner, aka “Mama Joyce,” and how she must have some ill feelings watching the video due to her and Tucker not getting along. 

“Mama Joyce somewhere calling him a scrub” 

“Mama Joyce is somewhere mad lol” 

Despite Burruss and Tucker’s seemingly solid relationship, Mama Joyce has never hid concerns about her son-in-law being financially stable enough to take care of her daughter. 
In a recent discussion panel on Oct. 16, Mama Joyce was asked who she’d swap Tucker out with if possible where she expressed, “If I could replace Todd, I would pick anyone that had a decent job.. That was in the financial realm that she [Kandi] was in.”

The 72-year-old even shared that she believed her daughter should have held out for a man who was “on the same financial scale.”

Mama Joyce may feel as though Tucker isn’t good enough for her daughter, however in an interview with People magazine, Burruss stated that Tucker pushes her “in a way that I can’t say I had never experienced before being with him.”

Whether Mama Joyce agrees with her daughter’s marital decision or not, it looks as Burruss will continue to ride for her man.

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