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‘I Thought This Was an Engagement Post’: Jordyn Woods’ Sweet Message to Karl-Anthony Towns for His 27th Birthday Has Fans Thinking a Proposal Is on the Way 

A “blessed” Jordyn Woods recently expressed in an Instagram post how much her boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns meant to her as she commemorated his birthday.

The Minnesota Timberwolves center turned 27 on Nov. 15. In the upload, Woods, who has been dating Towns for over two years, shared a series of photos of the couple and a touching message.

I Thought This Was an Engagement Post': Jordyn Woods? Sweet Message to Karl-Anthony Towns for His 27th Birthday Has Fans Thinking a Proposal Is on the Way?
Jordyn Wood writes a heartfelt post to Karl-Anthony Towns on his 27th birthday. Photo:@jordynwoods/Instagram

The model recalled in the caption how the pair’s love story began. Woods and Towns were close friends for years and started dating in early 2020. The couple would ultimately reveal they were an item on Instagram in September of that same year.

Woods wrote, “I’m so blessed that our friendship blossomed into the relationship we have today. Being on this journey we call life has been nothing short of amazing. Your heart is what I fell in love with and your enthusiasm is what keeps me going. I could go on forever but they already know I don’t play about YOU! Happy Birthday to my baby @karltowns I love you!”

As fans viewed the upload, many sent well-wishes to Towns, while others mentioned in the comment section that they thought Woods’ birthday post was an engagement announcement.

“Girl we almost thought this was the engagement post lol… but anyways hbd!”

“Not going to lie, I thought this was going to be an engagement announcement.”

“I thought this was an engagement post.”

“I just knew this was bout to be an engagement announcement.”

“Happy Birthday Karl… Why I thought this post was ur engagement announcement.”

Although it is unclear what led Woods’ followers to believe that she was writing an engagement post, this isn’t the first time the 25-years-old’s upload had caused a commotion on social media.

In September, Woods disclosed that Towns would be funding two of her businesses in honor of her birthday. In a now-deleted Instagram Story, Woods shared a screenshot of Towns’ note revealing the news. 

Towns said, “To my birthday girl, Happy 25th birthday! After this, you get to say you 18 every year like your moms lol… I know that every year I have showered you with material gifts that people wish they could cop (King S–t) but this year, you’re 25th year walking this earth it’s time to go from that girl to a full woman.”

He added, “You pick two businesses you want to start and I will fund them. It’s time to take the next step and I will walk with you step by step in this thing we call life. Te Amo Mucho, let’s take over the world together… together. Love, KAT.”

Alongside the screenshot, Woods shared why this gift was more monumental than anything she had ever received from Towns. In the caption, she wrote, “He knows how hard I’ve been working on these projects, and this is the last step @karltowns.”

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