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‘Kardashians Tried to Blame Her…Now They Are All In Struggle Relationships’: Fans React After Jordyn Woods Shares That Her Boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns Will Be Funding Two of Her Businesses

Jordyn Woods and boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns are taking the next step in their relationship: building an empire together.

Woods, who began dating the Minnesota Timberwolves center in 2020, revealed in honor of her birthday, Towns would be funding two of her businesses. The model turned 25 on Sept. 23.

In an Instagram story shared on Sept. 24, Woods uploaded a photo of Towns sharing the news in a heartfelt note.

Towns said, “To my birthday girl, Happy 25th birthday! After this, you get to say you 18 every year like your moms lol… I know that every year I have showered you with material gifts that people wish they could cop (King S–t) but this year, you’re 25th year walking this earth it’s time to go from that girl to a full woman. “

He added, “You pick two businesses you want to start and I will fund them. It’s time to take the next step and I will walk with you step by step in this thing we call life. Te Amo Mucho, let’s take over the world together… together. Love, KAT.”

In addition to the post, Woods disclosed why she appreciated this gift more than the material items. She wrote in the caption, “He knows how hard I’ve been working on these projects, and this is the last step @karltowns.”

Immediately following the upload, Towns reposted the image and shared the caption,” Believe in her dreams the way she believes in yours.”

As Woods’ Instagram story circulated online, many praised Towns for his gift.

“This is a gift that will keep on giving!”

“That’s a King when he cares about your financial progress ladies.”

“The Kardashians tried to blame her …meanwhile they are all in struggle relationships she’s out here thriving.”

“Now this is a gift and I like how he’s not trying to marry no chick if she don’t have a business or something going on. They will get married once she get that business going. He said pick 2 businesses. I love that for her!”

“Power move bro… after a while material things don’t matter anymore!”

“A man that support his woman is everything.”

Among the previous remarks, one social media user expressed how great it is to see a young couple building their life together. That person wrote, “Dope seeing young black couples build together that’s the only way we can strengthen the community building with each other.”

Although Woods revealed that Towns would be funding her businesses, she has yet to share details regarding any particular businesses.

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