‘That Baby Look Just Like His Daddy’: Photo of Siblings Reginae and Neal Carter Derails When Fans Zoom In on the Similarities Neal Carter Shares with His Father, Lil Wayne

Sibling love is a beautiful bond to see and that’s exactly what fans saw after viewing a photo of Reginae Carter cheesing beside her younger brother, Neal Carter. 

A photo of the two was snapped and uploaded to The Neighborhood Talk website where fans admired their seemingly adorable brother-sister relationship.

That Baby Look Just Like His Daddy': Photo of Siblings Reginae and Neal Carter Derails When Fans Zoom In on the Similarities Neal Carter Shares with His Father, Lil Wayne
(L) Reginae Carter @itsreginaecarter/Instagram (R) Neal Carter @thisisnivea/Instagram

“I love how she loves her siblings! Reginae is such a doll”

“I love this! They’re so cute!”

“I just love the Carter kids”

While comments surrounded Reginae and Neal’s bond, many fans couldn’t help but hone in on the facial similarities between the soon to be 13-year-old and his dad, Lil Wayne

“He looks just like Wayne. Whew, that man’s genes are strong.”

“That’s probably Wayne’s only child that looks dead on him. Like copy and paste.”

“Omg that baby look just like his daddy, real bad.”

The “Lollipop” rapper shares his youngest son with singer and ex-fiance, Nivea. In an “On That Note” interview with RHOA star Kandi Burruss, Nivea discussed the timeline of their love affair and why it ended. 

At the 21:00 mark, she said Weezy, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., showed interest in her after she dropped the popular hit “Don’t Mess with My Man” in 2002. 

“We just was doing the same thing at the same age and it was somebody to relate to; we just clicked.” 

Nivea fell hard and fast for the up-and-coming rapper, so much so that she decided to step away from her own career to let Carter “take care” of her in New Orleans. 

Discussing her exit from the music industry for the sake of love she shared, “I had no idea til years later like ‘Girl did you really just?’ But, I wasn’t thinking about it like that really go overboard with love.” 

Not too long after they got together, Carter convinced Nivea to move into an apartment as a part of his plan to ultimately move her out of his place so he could have room to move in with his ex-wife, Toya Johnson

“I was so heartbroken, I was screaming and cussing him out,” the singer remembered. 

Years passed and both Wayne and Nivea moved, but they soon reconnected in 2007, thus prompting them to get back together in 2008. 

It wasn’t long before Nivea was carrying Neal Carter, however, things were still far from paradise. 

Nivea recalled the rap mogul sitting her down to tell her about soon becoming a father to a child that actress Lauren London was carrying. 

“I found out I was pregnant and he told me to sit down and told me Lauren London was pregnant.” 

She continued, “I was trying to be still, because I believed he loved me and I loved him and it just got to a point where I got everybody on the phone chile for the first time.”

In 2009, Nivea gave birth to her fourth child, which also happened to be Wayne’s fourth child. 

Throughout their tumultuous relationship, Nivea noted still being grateful for her ex-beau because he continued to make sure she along with her four kids were taken care of.

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