‘Porsha Doing Everything to Make Sure We Care About Her Husband’s Fourth Marriage’: Fans React After Porsha Williams Accidentally Shows Off Her Wedding Dress 

Porsha Williams may be on the lookout for another wedding dress after the reality star accidentally showed off one particular wedding dress during a recent Instagram Live video. 

On Nov. 9, Williams, who is currently engaged to businessman Simon Guobadia, was giving fans a rundown of an outfit from her new fashion collection with Amazon. The Porsha Williams x The Drop collection is an all-inclusive line that features dresses, halter tops and two-piece sets. Each piece is priced at either $80 or less. 

Porsha Williams accidentally shows off her wedding dress on Instagram Live. Photo:Screenshot/TikTok

In the video, Williams told her followers the changes she made to one of the two-piece ensembles. She said, “Let me show you the changes we made. Can y’all see good?” Williams’ explanation was cut off after the 41-year-old noticed that her sister Lauren Williams struggled to put on the same top.

While panning the camera to Lauren’s direction, which is also where the red wedding dress was placed, Williams said, “Lauren is struggling. What is happening? Oh my God, how did you get this part through here? This is what it’s supposed to look like. This is what hers is. Come on. You are supposed to be representing. That is easy.”

As the video continued, both women were overhead laughing over Lauren’s mishap. The clip took a turn after Williams acknowledged that her dress was exposed to the world. She screamed as she quickly turned the camera to the opposite side, “My wedding dress was in the thing. Take it down.”

Following the quick reveal, Williams abruptly ended the live. As the video circulated online, many brought up Williams’ relationship with Guobadia. The comments ranged from Williams’ faking that particular scene to bring attention to her upcoming wedding to others still in disbelief that she’s marrying Guobadia.

“Chile Porsha doing everything to get us to care about her husband fourth marriage. Even her faking this scene is so obvious.”

“I can’t believe she’s actually going through with a wedding with Simon.”

“She really marrying Simon?”

“Baby its been so long since the engagement that I forgot.”

Among the previous remarks, others expressed they didn’t even know that the dress featured in the video was Williams’ wedding gown until she made a commotion. One wrote, “Had she not said anything no one would’ve known.”

Another said, “No one knew that was her wedding dress until she said something.” A third social media user said, “We would’ve never known if she didn’t blurt it out.” 

Williams and Guobadia’s relationship and engagement made headlines last year because the 58-year was still with his now ex-wife Falynn Pina. Williams and Pina were reportedly friends when the exes joined season 13 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Following Williams and Guobadia’s engagement announcement in May 2021, the mother of one shared that she plans on having three weddings to accommodate her fiancé’s culture. 

She said on “Dish Nation” last year, “He’s African, so we’re going to have a native law and custom ceremony, and a regular wedding, and then we’re going to have another wedding at one of the houses that is out of the country.”

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