‘This Ain’t No Hoarder’: Rick Ross Stuns Fans By Revealing His Mansion Is Flooded With Clothing and Shoes

Rick Ross fans know him as the biggest boss, but could he also be the biggest hoarder? Well, according to the rapper, the latter is not true, but he admittedly has a problem holding on to mounds of clothes.

Ross has taken fans beyond the gates to his expansive compound on several different occasions, but the outside world has never seen the home in disarray. All that changed when the Miami native shared clips of the mansion that once belonged to former boxing champion Evander Holyfield littered with garments.

Rick Ross. Photo: Richforever/Instagram

“Listen man, what y’all do with all y’all clothes, all y’all shoes? I’m trying to organize that s**t,” said Rozay in a video that showed the foyer of his mansion covered in piles of folded and unfolded clothes and a sea of shoes. The overflow of apparel options even poured into the hallways and up the base of his grand imperial staircase.

He continued, “Come on man, should Rozay have a yard sale?…I’m fighting through shoes. No, this ain’t no hoarder, this rich boss s**t going on right here. Don’t get it twisted, but I’m not ‘finna be caged in.” The Maybach Music Group founder shared that the task of finding a way to offload and store the excess wardrobe has him contemplating if he should have a yard sale.

By the end of the video, Rozay’s problem had become a collective issue for him and viewers.

“We better than this guys. Come on man, we better than this guys…Look what y’all got me doing. Look at me man,” he said as he walked on top of several pairs of never-worn sneakers. The “Port of Miami” rapper added, “I’m telling my homie you gotta imagine how many different parts of the world I done traveled, collect clothes. You know how many different homes I got? They all like this.” 

Numerous fans said the “Diced Pineapples” artist would be better off donating the all of the unused clothes and shoes to those in need, especially considering that the holiday are approaching. Other comments included:

“How he gonna sell shoes while stepping on all of them [laughing emoji] bad promo.”

“He better gain the weight back to fit in them.”

“Bring back wearing XXXL clothes like back in 2006.”

“He saying “we better than this guys” like we the ones who made him do it.”

While fans may not have known about Ross’ overwhelming collection of clothing they did, however, know that his estate has become somewhat of a zoo to wild animals. In multiple Instagram posts, he has shown off animals such as giant bison, four horses, and a bull. He also plans to add a lion and lioness from Senegal to his Promise Land Zoo.

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