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‘Now If Sherri Made a Comment About Marlo’s Former Nose I Don’t Think It Would be So Funny’: Fans Defend Sherri Shepherd After Marlo Thomas Brings Up Her Past Weight

Actress Marlo Thomas did not leave a good impression on Sherri Shepherd‘s backstage production team after being a featured guest on Shepherd’s new daytime talk show “Sherri” on Tuesday, Nov. 2. 

During her time on the show, Thomas decided to bring up how much weight Shepherd has lost by saying, “Look how beautiful you are; you lost a lot of weight.”

?Now If Sherri Made a Comment About Marlo?s Former Nose I Don?t Think It Would be So Funny?: Fans Defend Sherri Shepherd After Marlo Thomas Brings Up Her Past Weight
Marlo Thomas and Sherri Shepherd (screenshot of “Sherri” on YouTube)

Agreeing with the “That Girl” actress’ statement, Shepherd confirmed she has lost 35 pounds. 

Thomas then brought up one of their first encounters where Shepherd was much bigger at the time. 

“I interviewed you for my AOL show and you were a big woman,” Thomas said as she spread her hands out attempting to model Shepherd’s former size. 

While viewers could see all the good vibes between the two ladies as they joined together in laughter, what they reportedly didn’t see was blank faces from those behind the camera

According to Page Six, Shepherd’s staff didn’t find Thomas’ statement funny, but rather offensive. 

An insider told the magazine, “Sherri was a good sport, but people [at the show] are very protective of her.”

That person continued, “People were not happy that she fat shamed her on national TV. It was like a slap in the face.”

Shepherd’s people did not hold their tongue in expressing these feelings. According to Page Six, those who took offense to Thomas’ comment made it notably clear. 

Neither Thomas nor Shepherd has made public comments surrounding the situation. Some fans, on the other hand, have rallied in defense of Shepherd. 

“It wasn’t a nice thing to say very insensitive but I don’t think Marlo understood that she was being rude  but like I said it was insensitive.”

“Marlo Thomas sure got her little “joke”  in about Sherri’s former weight lol. Now, if Sherri had made a comment about Marlo’s “former” nose, I don’t think it would be so funny.

“Marlo had the nerve to insult Sherri the way she did. Sherri is doing a great job in bringing in stars of the bygone years to discuss their recent projects. She didn’t deserve this put down.”

In an Instagram video in 2021, Shepherd credited her son as the reason why she decided to lose weight and get into a healthier lifestyle.

“My why is at summer camp right now — my teenager who don’t talk to me, who don’t like to tell me stuff but he comes in; he kisses me at night before he goes to bed. That’s my why. I gotta be here for him.”

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