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‘Nelly It’s Yo Time Yo Shine’: Ashanti Reveals That Her Relationship Status Is ‘Complicated’ and Fans Beg Nelly to Get Back with the Singer

Ever since Ashanti dropped her new single, “Falling For You” last week, fans have been wondering if the R&B princess is dating. She made headlines last week after publicly speaking on her affair with Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti

But her last public relationship was with rapper Nelly, whom she dated from 2003 to 2013. They kept their love out of the public eye, though many assumed they would get married. Their breakup was fueled by rumors of infidelity, which have never been confirmed.

?Nelly It?s Yo Time Yo Shine?: Ashanti Reveals That Her Relationship Status Is ?Complicated? and Fans Beg Nelly to Get Back with the Singer
Nelly and Ashanti during Ashanti’s 25th Birthday Surprise Party – Inside at Glo in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

The 42-year-old gave fans an update about her current dating status during an interview with The Shade Room. 

“My relationship status is definitely complicated,” Ashanti said in an Instagram video. She then shared how she feels about giving an ex another chance. 

“As far as giving someone another chance, I mean no one’s perfect. I’m not perfect. It would have to just be authentic and genuine,” she explained. “When you make a mistake, what was the intent? Was the intent to just hurt somebody? Was the intent to be greedy? It depends on where your mistake came from or what it is. So giving someone another chance I would have to genuinely believe that you made an honest mistake and your intent was not to hurt me.”

Fans began blowing up The Shade Room’s comments with notes about her ageless beauty and a few thirsty men who shot their shot. But the majority proposed she stop playing games and get back together with Nelly.

“She talking to Nelly he better be listening.”

“Nelly it’s yo time to shine.”

“She definitely talking bout Nelly they will be back public in a minute dating.”

“Nelly texting her now wit the ‘hey big head.'”

“Okay @nelly she believes in second chances go and get her love y’all together.”

The exact reason Ashanti and Nelly broke up has never been clarified by either party. But during an interview on “The Meredith Vieira Show” in 2015, she said she felt “betrayed.” “The Woman You Love” singer mentioned it again during a concert in 2018. She told the crowd, “I’ve been betrayed before…publicly at that.” A male voice in the crowd, yelled ‘F—k Nelly,” to which she seemingly responded, “Word.”

Ashanti and Nelly reunited for the first time during Fat Joe and Ja Rule’s “Verzuz” in September 2021, as previously reported. The two exchanged an intimate hug after Nelly walked on stage to greet her. Fans had high hopes the two would get back together since Nelly parted ways with his ex Shantel Jackson

At the time, Ashanti admitted she was dating someone during an Instagram Live session with Ja Rule and Fat Joe. She failed to reveal any details about the mystery man. Two months later, the “Foolish” artist said she had no clue Nelly would be there, noting that he never said a word when they hugged. 

“It was very unexpected. I hadn’t seen him in like six years or more. Spoken or seen,” she disclosed on “The Angie Martinez Show.” “It was a little awkward.”

In August of this year, Irv Gotti revealed he was in love with Ashanti and how “hurt” he was when she began dating Nelly on “Drink Champs.” Fans felt his admission was a joke since he was married at the time. A day or so later, the “Foolish” singer made a surprise appearance during Nelly’s show in Oakland, California. The former couple danced close while performing their 2008 collaboration, “Body on Me.”

In the past, rumors have connected Ashanti to rapper Flo Rida, whom she denied dating. The two were spotted on vacation in Cancun, Mexico in April 2021 to celebrate the 32nd birthday of Ashanti’s sister, Kenashia Douglas. While there, the songstress took a couple of photos and videos featuring a mystery white man fans believed she was dating.

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